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On the screen – a new “Divine Comedy” – Russian newspaper

nominated for “Oscar” “Newest Testament” directed by Jaco Van Dormael (“Mr. Nobody”) has caused a fury among the most nerve believers: to them the very touch of the sacred figures seem offensive. Meanwhile, this Belgian comedy all just continues the tradition of “The Creation” by Jean Effel and “Divine Comedy” in the theater Sergei Obraztsov. Parody figure of God, his divine consort embroider embroidery, his son Jesus Christ, the incarnate garish statue on the chest under the initials JC, and his rebellious daughter Ei – in fact conditional and highly effective method of “estrangement” habitual. It allows in a playful way to revise the most difficult questions of mankind – the meaning of life and the inevitability of death. The only condition – the presence of a sense of humor and the viewer.

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So, God – cantankerous unshaven cruel boy – living in the Brussels apartment with a refrigerator, but without entrance doors, tyranny, and his wife with the help of a computer creates the antediluvian world. To start trying to instill in the city streets giraffes, then realizes that without Adam and Eve did. And she went piling absurdyatina fun in the spirit of the “Divine Comedy”, which has long been a popular hit in the USSR. Formed as a result of mankind and God becomes a major distraction: to send to a sandstorm so tornadoes, disease and disaster but look what happens – his favorite pastime. While his daughter smaller, sensible, does not rebel and did not knock out of God trump card of the deck, sending text messages to every human individual, indicating the day and hour of his scheduled death. And this knowledge to radically change the consciousness: first it was the slave of the unpredictable “God’s will”, and now, once everything has been decided, fear the wrath of God is not necessary. We need to live my days so that was not excruciatingly painful …

Here, frankly, is not alone. Before us are the faces of people, only a carefree hurrying somewhere and suddenly frozen by the terrible news, – and it is a reminder that each of us meted out a certain number of minutes and seconds, many in the audience will make shiver. Before the thought recedes and seems fine in our daily bustle, the price takes off any cool moments, far ahead of foreign exchange rates. These sobering moments of the film, I would constantly twisting everyone who mnitsya that it is eternal. The more that God himself will confirm: that the world is not and will not.

From this moment of humanity in the film changes all his plans yesterday terribly important, but today flown away into the abyss. Each begins to think, how to live the allotted minutes-seconds. Such moments of prematurely deceased poet Alexander Aronov wrote: stop, look back … rebellious daughter get out of the house of God through the washing machine drum, suspiciously reminiscent of the notorious tunnel to the light – and will be in this world, among the homeless of Brussels, inhabitants, rotten fishburgerov, hopeless girls with disabilities and the ladies at the age of Catherine Deneuve, hungry big and pure love. It will be found among the citizens of his apostles – to bring the number of twelve hockey, as in the picture, to baseball eighteen. And illiterate homeless will write under the dictation of her latest testament.

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Earth history of these six additional amount to the apostles and the main body of the picture. They are full of sympathy for each sufferer, to understand its ills and tolerance to his country needs, what absolutely has neither God with his fiancee who invented ranks, nor any of us with our kutsymi ideas about how you can not live, and how you need. Each has its own melody of life – presciently argues the film, and his soothing interludes sounds great music – from Rameau and Handel to Charles Trenet.

The meticulous prideretsya to inconsistencies: the divine daughter EYA illiterate – but owns a computer, and this God even in the water on dry land aki does not know how to walk. Any slozhnosochinennogo parable fantasy soars over life and laugh at the myths – it is important not small things, and thought. Each turn of the plot and every meeting with the characters bear puzzle over it like to think. In this sense, the film inherits the best literary and philosophical traditions of freedom-loving France with its Diderot, Rousseau and Voltaire.

The last smile of the film – about the romantic hopes of femininity, whose do not have enough mentally stale earthly authorities – say, Only it will soften the manners and I will dwell in the world of love, tolerance and blessedness. Unceremoniously exiled to Uzbekistan God for the computer replace him gentle goddess – and the heavens blossom forget-me, the man returned chelovekovo. Here involuntarily recall the ladies Russian authorities – and this is the funniest moment “Newest Testament”.

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