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Pyotr Fyodorov told “” the movie “Locusts” – BBC

November 5 in the Russian rolling out the erotic thriller Yegor Baranov “Locusts” – the story of a passionate romance a rich Muscovite and builder of the coastal town, which began as a romantic adventure, quickly turns into a bloody drama. The main female role in the film played by Paulina Andreev (“Thaw”, “method”), and male – Pyotr Fyodorov (captain Gromov in “Stalingrad” and the sergeant Vaskov in “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”). On the eve of the premiere of “Gazety.Ru” I talked with Fedorov of “Locust”, the erotic thriller genre and generation of 30-year-old.

– did you mean this role?

– I want to have time until the age of lets play something crazy, daring, to break the life – feelings, passion. I’ve never played anything like it, it was clear that it is necessary to make an serious effort – and this for me is always the most interesting. The script, by the way, I was hooked from the first time – I read it then tired, while some flights. Therefore, I decided to re-read calmly, and then it all came together. Got it, it will be interesting to withdraw.

– The film presented the company “Environment” is still a couple of years ago. Why so much time has passed since the end of production to release rental?

– Well, as often happens. Was post-production, plus all the time go some laws, some censorship, because of which the film has to finish – you saw a full meter, and we still have four series. I had to give up on some episodes, but more importantly, that the essence of history is preserved.

– An erotic thriller is not the most popular genre in Russian cinema. It was hard to get used to it?

– It is difficult, but interesting. Here it was very important the trust – not in the sense to run to Playback and watch lifted, but in terms of chemistry, that should arise between the actors and the director. The story of love can not be solved technically, it must be experienced. We Yegor long before shooting signed the contract, and before that worked on the “Priest-sane”, which got used to each other. With Pauline, we also worked for a long time: it was a lot of readings, then rehearsed erotic scenes – in clothes. We wanted to get away from some stamps, to make them so that they do not look too cinematic. Well, you know, twists, turns, backlight. It would be desirable to achieve life, energy, drama – sex scenes in this story are all of great importance, through them, it was necessary to show, and the development of relations and the unhealthy nature of this passion. I wanted to achieve the effect of lightness and dance. Plus we need to understand how important a modern cinema preparatory period: output per day of shooting every year evolutionary increases. And it requires a certain discipline, readiness.

– Alexander Cekalo at the stage of presentation of the project say that this story is strongly tied to generation. Do you think that the “locusts,” says today’s 30-year-olds?

– Yes, I remember that Alexander spoke about it, but for me this is no clear social bindings. It seems to me that this is a much more universal story – I did always loved themselves interesting stories. Much more interesting was to solve some purely cinematic, artistic task, than to think about the generation. No social sphere, marginalschiny we have absolutely none. And the heroes we Pauline have little to do.

– That is your personal story and this character is not too close?

– Of course, because of their age are close to me strong love experiences. And the theme of relationships with their demons, too, is very interesting, though, of course, I realize that this guy is absolutely sick. I do man from an educated family and do not really understand what it is, such as binge. But “Locust” is important to me was that it is possible in principle to play a hero. No longer in fashion, thank God, all these boys oduvan – heroes without the right to go to the dark side. I like that it is possible to acquaint the viewer with cute characters, and then send them straight to hell. (Laughs.)

– And how you think, how in general in contemporary Russian cinema to be a hero?

– I think it is very difficult kvitessirovat this image in any one character. So absolute hero was probably Danila Bagrov from “brother”, but then the time was a bit different – it was clear that whether tighter. Although the sensations – is now the clouds are gathering, and we are approaching something similar. Maybe soon there will be a strong character who will all crumble again. (Smiles.) To remove a movie about him, however, still need a talented director, who will be entitled to something like that.


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