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Scientific expertise to unravel the mystery of the “Black Square” – Express-News

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The second image is found under the painting “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich, which is exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery. This channel “ Culture ” reported, citing researcher of the Department of scientific expertise of the Tretyakov Gallery Ekaterina Voronina.

There are works of art that divide history into “before” and “after.” Among them, without doubt, is the famous, notorious “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich. Already 100 years have passed since the creation of the web, and controversy and heated debate around him do not stop until now. Curiously, questions tormented the author himself. Here are his words: “I could not sleep or eat, and tried to understand what I did – but I could not.” And here – the answer of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Tretyakov Gallery unveiled details of the latest research. It turned out that under the “Black Square” hidden color image. And not one, but two. This discovery was made just over a month ago.

«It is known that under the image of” Black Square “was some underlying image. We have found that such images are not one, but two. And to prove that the original image – a kubofuturisticheskogo composition, and lying under the “Black Square”, the color you see in the craquelure – it protosuprematicheskaya composition “, – told the researcher of the department of scientific expertise of the Tretyakov Gallery Ekaterina Voronina.

The x-ray on “Black Square” are clearly visible outlines of the other paintings of Kazimir Malevich. Under the microscope, it can be clearly seen, as if through a crazing, ie crack “Black Square”, shines another layer of paint. The authors of the study – the staff of the Tretyakov Gallery Ekaterina Voronina, Irina and Irina Rustamov Waqar – spoke about his discovery of the other. They deciphered the inscription on the “black box”, which is considered the author. More precisely, almost deciphered: three letters are missing. The words beginning with “n” and ends in “s.” All terms, according to museum staff, it sounds like the “Battle of Negroes in a dark cave.” Thus, Malevich painting can be considered a sort of correspondence with the author of the dialogue of the artist paintings, written in 1882 by French writer Alphonse Allais and eccentric. His painting called “The Battle of Negroes in the dark cave of the night».

«Malevich complicated intricate writing and some letters are written the same way:” n “,” n “, and even” and “in some texts are very close writing. We are working on the second word. But the fact that the first word “battle”, you can see, making it the exposition “- commented Ekaterina Voronina.

It was evident that few of those present had expected to hear something like that. At an international conference on the 100th anniversary of “Black Square”, was attended by guests from various countries.

«Our family is very pleased that the memory of a very important artist for the world alive, and not just here in Moscow” – admitted grandniece Yvon Malevich Kazimir Malevich.

art historians have yet to comprehend this discovery. And artists have already done. Within the walls of the Academy of Arts opened an exhibition dedicated to the “Black Square”. Authors – the most famous contemporary artists.

«We felt that it would be appropriate in the year of the 100th anniversary of the” Black Square “to draw a line under its pressing, pressure charisma and the magnetism, which he has, and, finally free to move on. In short, we wanted to get rid of his influence, “- said the curator of the exhibition Ivan Kolesnikov.

In the middle of December, the authors promise exposure collective performance, led by Zurab Tsereteli. Artists will cut tape – get rid of the shackles of symbolic Malevich.


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