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Songs Eshpaja recognize from the first note – BBC News

was not Andrei Yakovlevich Eshpaja – one of the most famous and beloved of our composers. He was born in 1925 in Kozmodemyansk. Veteran of World War II, Commander of the Order of the Red Star. He finished the war in Berlin. Loved by the people of his songs – “Muscovites” and “Oh, my Odessa.” Overall, Andrei Eshpai wrote the music for six dozen films, as well as operetta, musical “Love is prohibited” and many other works that have become classics.

Andrew Eshpay loved to listen to the silence and the sound of wind tree branches. Birch grove he planted himself near his garden, overlooking the river Ruza.

They talked on the phone the day before. November 8 Andrew Eshpay waited to visit his son. At six o’clock – a stroke. Instantly orphan house. Momentarily speechless piano.

“What happened – the trouble. He was filled with love, life force. He loved life, believed in it, believed in his country, loved it”, – says Andrey Eshpay, director, screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia, composer’s son Eshpaja.

And his country reciprocated. Do not just love songs Eshpaja of those who have learned from the first notes, and the next line you know beforehand, though like never memorized taught.

“Muscovites” – the song – a shot in the heart, because the poems that Bernes Espa brought in the basement room on Bronnaya, tore his soul. That he was a scout from the carotid Vistula to Berlin, his friend Volodya Nikitinsky and Gena Novikov became the damp earth in a few days to win. His mother was a sore lamp mourned his older brother, who was killed in the first days of the war in Leningrad.

The song “Muscovites” he wrote of the night. And the very first your kinohit – the film “Thirst” – for 20 minutes.

“He was faster than a bullet. He has me stories told, very temperamental, quick and talented,” – says the composer’s son.

The composer said, my hand is not necessary to drive. And everyone with whom he worked, he believed. He has written music for more than 60 films and filmmakers knew Espa do not need words.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko called him Pushkin in music, colleagues put on a par with Shostakovich. Autograph Shostakovich Eshpaja hung in his office. And on the shelf – pictures of teachers – Myaskovsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff.

“He goes down in history as a great composer. He would be a great man of great kindness. He knew it. He was incredibly intelligent, witty, lively, active” – said People’s Artist of the USSR Eduard Grach.

Eshpay – the author shows all the tools Symphony Orchestra. He himself was a one-man band, was a master of the instrument and had a phenomenal ear, sharpened even military childhood, when simply music to get it was nowhere.

“His music has an incredible emotion, she powerfully affected the halls. When we came home, I saw his amazing simplicity, he was deprived of any kind was a pose, “- said Yevgeny Simonov, People’s Artist of Russia, the daughter of the composer.

And, of course, Eshpay – the founder of an entire dynasty . Granddaughter – a virtuoso pianist, son – a talented filmmaker. Ringtones, on which his father worked in the past six months, he now wants to include in his new film to life in a movie continued.

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