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As the festival “Sziget 2016″ in Budapest – BBC

The slogan of the festival “Sziget” “Island of Freedom” appeals to the Cuban freemen, and not in vain. For a whole week living in Budapest only festival. On Batthyány Square in the city center on the banks of the Danube are gay hairy men with signs “buy ticket”. The girls are more options – for example “Station for two tickets.” The streets run very different people, and recognize each other in a multi-colored bracelets on their wrists and in the evening the city and all dying – all flock to the island of Óbuda

Russian audiophiles accustomed. that the music festival – it is primarily the music, but to “Sziget” from all over Europe are going not only and not so much for the music

Regular visitors tell us that every year on the island there is any. the number of people who do not fit into any of the scenes, and come here just to live. The trees around the campsite hung colored lights at the entrance to the island is a sculpture unicorn, a little further lies closer to the dragon comes to life at night. Amid all this goes to a few tens of thousands of people, among which there are, for example, a large group dressed as imperial storm troopers from the “Star Wars”, a man dressed as Borat and severe Gothic type of girl who on her forehead is written the word “Nice”. In addition, everywhere arranged stalls of food for every taste, alcohol is also sold, but no extreme consequences it can not be held, although the site has a first aid tent. Finally, the festival justifies its freedom-status by the fact that the protection of behaving supertaktichno and police in the line of sight is not at all

In general, the music on this holiday of disobedience. – mandatory, but-vested main component.

this explains the fact that, despite the absence of key festival headliners of this summer, such as Radiohead and Massive Attack, weekly passes for “Sziget” were sold out long before the beginning. However, the big names are still missing.

The first day on the main stage closed Rihanna, speech which, however, the enthusiasm of the audience did not cause.

The singer is now in a protracted world tour and, apparently, some a bit tired: the queen was forced to play a retinue of backing singers and a specialist in video mapping, to provide exciting visuals. The very same Rihanna was able to offer the public only a short session TWERKING. on 15 August will perform other modern diva and ex-songwriter Rihanna Sia – from her performances are waiting for much more. Meanwhile, lack of emotion on the main stage on the first day compensated for hip-hop shaman Travis Scott.

The three other days, emphasis was placed on a more traditional “Sighet” rock and electronics.

This is, firstly, the Muse is a brilliant set, which just finished a tour in support of the «Drones» album and reached the public with a good relaxed in the program’s greatest hits. Before them the Wraith have imposed trance and Sigur Ros. Those without keyboard Icelandic postrokery built his set around unexpectedly hectic last CD «Kveikur». In the backdrop was a fire and grew black and white trees, and three musicians tormented their instruments with unusual for their supramundane music frenzy – the leader of the team Johnsen Birgisson for the sake of public catharsis broke even a few bows

But that’s what. As for headliners. The second most important stage called A38 was no less interesting. 13 August this giant tent rocked Californians with a half-turn “!!!”, to prove that their popular zero-dance-punk never for a second date. Musicians came to the Russian capital nine years ago, and frankly, they are here since much is not enough to recall how actually sounds perfect for disco music. Not to mention the fact that Nick Offer hour speech made a real master class stage movement, which will not be superfluous to Russian musicians. For example, for a group Therr Maitz, which at the same time “!!!” performed at the neighboring European scene with a small gathering of people – including with Turkish flags somehow

. Speaking of flags.

Along with Muse at the World Stage, which usually act ethnic musicians for the ninth time in the “Sighet” existence gave his vision group “Leningrad”. The concert took place in the usual mode, obscene, but it is not interesting, but the fact that, firstly, the Russians, even being in Europe is not deprived of patriotism and running support domestic producers. And secondly, that it was performance of “Leningrad” was the only place where you could see the Ukrainian flag. And not one, but three. Now Russian block behind – ahead of performances Noel Gallagher, The Last Shadow Puppets and, of course, these are the



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