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“Love and Friendship” forever caught “Lady Susan” – TVNZ

Imagine that the British girl in the late eighteenth century, wrote a letter to the person who loves. Then he sends his piece of the addressee, “slightly touched sleeves.” In the letter she said, her mother tries to marry her unloved. . This – the perception of the text by Jane Austin

And now the movie: the same girl, sniffling, says the young man about his problems eye-in- eyes, receiving in return a clumsy replica “of the writer.” The difference between the book and the film is about the same as you would in any film adaptation of Pushkin’s great novel Tatiana catching Onegin in the hall and said: “Come on, punish contempt! That will of heaven – I’m yours »

movie called” Love and Friendship “. “Lady Susan” based on the novel by Jane Austen. In the role of the main merzavki (aka Lady) – Kate Beckinsale in the background in a pair of episodes flashed Stephen Fry, ennobling interiors. Lady – a widow with a bad reputation, poor but attractive and hypocritical, behaves cynically, inhibits daughter and lures packs of men

the film is based on the novel by Jane Austen, “Lady Susan».

Miss Austen herself this novel never published. But there will always be a nephew, a sure whether Aunt memory, or the possibility to get a big fee posthumously. writes something nineteen Miss Austen in 1794, but did not: So, in 1871, more than half a century after the death of Aunt Jane appeared in the press work “Lady Susan»

That is, the picture is as follows. It offers the publisher. She is holding the manuscript with him, even when a dozen or so years out, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Emma”, and publishers interested in new novels. At that time, she, Jane Austen, an old maid, helps the family on the farm, desperate for money, but do not sell the manuscript. Do not like something the author did not work out, and all invented writing “Lady Susan” and her family went to a dead weight in the chest.

Kate Beckinsale in the film” Love and friendship “.

Yes, it was the epistolary novel. The novel is not action, and describe the action. Everything is in the past tense – “she blushed,” “I gave her to know,” “he said over lunch stupidity”, “I thought.” Dialogues almost retold, and for the average movie is death. What exactly were the stupidity? As it is “given to know” or “put in place”? In addition, letters are from the estate in the London and back more than a day or two, and the reaction of the recipient is greatly inhibited.

As shown in the cinema happened “to write letters?” So, what prompted it to writing, to the outpouring of bile on paper, anxiety, or love? Witt Stillman, director and screenwriter, and, screenwriter very noble, with a nomination for “Oscar”, the task did not see. He played in the characters as puppets, moving them from one scenery to another. Dolls are not alive, although talking about green peas at the table. It seems someone is someone loved, someone someone disappointed, and then all lived happily ever after.


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