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Weekend in Moscow: “The Island 1991″, “Aukcyon” and the film set “Ben-Hur” – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, August 19 – RIA Novosti . The exhibition, which you can visit the set of the new film by Timur Bekmambetov’s “Ben-Hur”, a large summer concert “AuktYon” outdoors, and festival “Island 1991″ in Muzeon to the anniversary of the events in August 1991 it will be possible to visit in the sunny weekend in Moscow.


The exhibition at “Multimedia Art Museum” will be to look at the set of the new film by Timur Bekmambetov’s “Ben-Hur” before its release on the screen. The exhibition presents the scenery of the palace of the family of Ben-Hur, the scene in Jerusalem, chariot race in the Circus of Tiberius, as well as costumes heroes paintings by Barbara Avdyushko, permanent co-author Bekmambetov.

Western European arms of the late Renaissance will exhibit at the State Museum of History, which first presents to the public the unique works of art created customized court armourers Habsburg imperial court, the princes of Dresden yards and Braunschweig, the masters of the largest arts and crafts centers – Augsburg and Nuremberg <. / p>

also this weekend – the last chance to go to the exhibition Urs Fischer at the Museum of modern art “Garage”. The exhibition, based on a game with the scope and sense perception, offers visitors a new look at the museum. The exhibition includes more than twenty bronze, hand-painted sculptures. And on the square in front of “Garage” everyone can take part in creating the landscape of clay sculptures, which will vary throughout the exhibition.

Stills from “Savor”


On Friday, in the center of the modern art “Winery” will be held Modern Rock Fest, which will be headlined by Dolphin with its exclusive set. Also on this day the group will play “Anacondaz”, “SPBCH”, “Biting Elbows” young team “Hut” and “Cruel Tie”.

On Saturday Winery Group “AuktYon” give a big summer concert. Presentation will be held outdoors. This year for “AUCTION” was rich in events: in February, celebrating the anniversary of its permanent entertainer Oleg Garkusha, June 1, the group presented a new album, “In The Sun”. Organizers promise “special concert”, so this is a rare opportunity to see a great solo performance “AUCTION” outdoors.

On the same day at the Apothecary Garden soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre, which will perform works by Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Mussorgsky and Verdi.

In the park “Muzeon” will host a festival “Island 1991″, where you can see the reconstruction of the events of August of 1991, and also to visit a lecture marathon with the stars of contemporary culture, film screenings, round table about reyv- culture and the origin of the dance electronics in Russia.

also during the festival scheduled for a solo acoustic concert Vyacheslav Butusov and key groups in Moscow 90s “Alliance”, “Polite refusal” and “Metropolis.” They will perform a special program, which will feature their famous songs of the 1990s. The second music scene of the festival will be dedicated to dance electronics and coming rave culture in Russia, which took place in 1991. She will perform the pioneers of Russian electronic music – “New Composers” and Yuri Orlov ( “Nicolaus Copernicus”) – and the new Moscow producers Hyperboloid Records label, brings to his music the spirit of rave 1990s

“Aukcyon” group leader Oleg Garkusha


The theaters are just a few films-participants of the last Cannes film Festival: You can see the “Social life” by Woody Allen on Hollywood 30s, “Neon demon” Nicolas Winding Refn about the unsightly effects of the beauty cult, “Juliet” Spanish maestro Pedro Almodovar on difficult relationship of mother and daughter, as well as “Captain Fantastic” American Matt Ross, also affecting the eternal questions of parents and children.

In addition to the film version of Jane Austen novel screens “Love and Friendship”. Lovely young widow Lady Susan comes to the estate of her late husband’s family to wait until high society stop gossip about her adventures, and figure out how to improve their financial situation. Costume drama – a new genre for director Whit Stillman picture, but as for the performer starring Kate Beckinsale, who had already starred in a film adaptation of Austen. The film also performed the role of Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Fry.

The exhibition “Ben-Hur: The story told anew.” Photos from the set of the new film by Timur Bekmambetov


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