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August 16 – Day of Memory of Elvis Presley – RIA “VistaNews”

August 16, 1977 left the world of the living man, he is considered one of the most outstanding personalities of modern history. We are talking about the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, whose life was cut short due to a heart attack in Memphis Evangelical Hospital. the actor’s death was a great loss, for the American people, and to music lovers around the world. Not to forget the great musician, Memphis residents (Tennessee, USA), celebrating the Day of Memory of Elvis Presley annually.

It is said that nothing in the early years of Elvis did not speak about his future star. He was born in 1935, January 8 in Tupelo (Mississippi, USA). His family was poor, parents are believers, and so little Elvis often sang various hymns. When the future singer was 8 years old, he became the winner of the contest of young talents, distinguished performance of the song «Old shep». Later, in 1948, Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, where he graduated in school, and then went immediately to make money. The young Presley had a chance to work as a truck driver and a ticket seller at the cinema.

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On the creative path of Elvis stepped unexpectedly. In 1953, he joined the «Sun» the studio to record some of your favorite songs for his mother. The owner of the record company could not help but notice the talent of the young men, and sent the song sung by Elvis «That’s all right, Mama» on local radio. Surprisingly, less than a week, as the studio has signed a contract with Presley.

Within two years, Elvis Presley performed songs in gaining popularity in the United States while the style of “country”. In 1955, the singer was shown on television, and the contract was taken over by RCA artist studio. Then, in 1956 he published the first Elvis single «Heartbreak Hotel», which was tied up and made his debut on television USA. Only in 1956 he was awarded six “gold disk”. Also said that during his career, Elvis Presley won three “Grammy” and he was nominated for her 14 times. Also, the actor who has a bright appearance and charisma, could not fail to attract the attention of filmmakers, who invited him to cooperate. This Presley starred in more than thirty paintings of light, youth genre.

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in memory of Elvis Presley Day in Memphis gather thousands of fans of the King of rock and roll. On the feast attracts not only residents of the United States, but also around the world. Carry out various activities related to the musician, the awards with the initials of the artist, and so on. One of the features of the holiday is that it suits many people come in, made in the image of a celebrity. It is said that Elvis was the inimitable style of clothing, and coming on the scene, the artist literally sparkled, positively charging its external public view.

Very few people know that Elvis Presley in sports and was a karateka. Therefore, in his memory, in Memphis, performed karate competitions, which involved the notorious representatives of this martial art.

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The phenomenon of the personality of Elvis Presley is still a mystery. The singer seemed to manage people, then he was revered, in the years when he was still alive, and, as you can see, now it is the same. Moreover, on the legendary singer, he is not from our planet, because it was thought that such a person could be born on earth. This opinion was even taken as a basis one of the jokes sounded in the movie “Men in Black,” when special agent, listening to your favorite song idol, said his partner that “Elvis is not dead, and flew home.”

Americans still wonder how Elvis Presley, while participating in television programs, it was possible to collect at screens more people than during the display of landing a man on the moon. In addition, the striking fact that after Presley’s death, his popularity increased even more – his records went a record circulation of more than half a billion.

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By the way, Elvis Presley is a role model not only for ordinary people, but also for representatives of show business. Stars try on the clothes of a great musician, and this does not give up even the female half of showbiz, only ladies, unlike men, do not let grow sideburns.

For example, among women, the Elvis clothes tried on the American singer Britney Spears. In addition, the same experiment went another western pop singer Cher, and she gave way Presley in the delicate form. At the same time the singer has done it twice – When filming the clip for the song «Walking in Memphis» in 1995, and in 2002, at a concert in honor of Elvis.

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also, the fate of Western celebrities, to make the image of Elvis Presley, and overtook the domestic show business. For example, the great singer dressed Michael Galustyan. True musician growth reached 182 centimeters, and KVN-the box – only 163 centimeters, so he was named one of the smallest Elvis. Recall that Galustjan reincarnated into the image of Presley in the film “Ticket to Vegas”, where the actor had to play double the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Another representative of the domestic scene, appears in the shape of Elvis Presley, became the Honored Artist of the Soviet Union and Russia Iosif Kobzon. The famous singer has gone to such a move for the sake of shooting New Year TV show “Two stars”. Joseph Davidovich did well, and it seems that the image of Presley provoke him, so performance was successful and a memorable experience for the viewer.


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