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Sonia Rykiel – woman, learned to wear clothes inside out – Proceedings

On the 87 th year of life died in France, the world-famous fashion designer Sonia Rykiel – frail woman with narrow shoulders and a thick mop of red hair. She admitted that in her veins the Russian, Jewish and French blood, and comparing themselves with Chekhov’s Darling. Like the heroine of Russian classics, Sonia lived interests of her husband. After all, he was involved in fashion and even owned “Laura” women’s clothing boutique, where Sonia was working.

Creative Alliance developed according to the “Akhmatova, Gumilyov.” Her first creation – a nondescript, mouse-colored sweater for pregnant women – her husband did not appreciate. But what was his surprise when exhibited in the windows of his shop hand-Maid wife was swept away shoppers, and a short time later was on the cover of Elle. About French fashion rising star heard even in the Soviet Union

-. Her name was, along with leading couturiers. What is its triumph in 1970, when she presented her collection and was named queen of knitwear and sweater in this collection became a cult garment around the world – says TV host and designer of women’s clothing Hope Babkin.

Sonia Rykiel truly took to create knitwear making, as a sculptor, this material is its marble and bronze

-. It’s not that it things were superkrasivymi. But they were stylish. Drooping sleeves, irregular silhouette drew particular line. And it was the line – the most important thing in haircuts and fashionable – says stylist Anwar Ochilov

In 1986, Sonia opened her own first boutique jersey on Rue de Grenelle in Paris <.. br />

– These stores were true temples of high taste, – said professor Victor Kuzmichev Textile Institute. – Thanks to the magic of the brand she was able to pick up the material, which is not particularly turned fashion, to an unattainable level. This is what distinguishes our knitted or Belarusian jersey of Rykiel knitwear: it is necessary to learn how to sell through the gloss through boutiques, flea markets and not on.

Rykiel invented to make labels on the clothes, taught the world wear clothes inside out, flashing rough seams. A tribute to the Slavic origin given in the patterns

-. It has created its own pattern, which can not be confused with anything – says stylist Vlad Lisovets. – Black background with bright stripes – yellow, orange, blue, fuchsia – became her trademark, referring to the Russian national costume. The famous print she has taken, not only in clothing, but also in the decoration sofa upholstery, towels, bed linen. This print is so active that if they fill the apartment -. It turned out very happy, playful and child-like

Domestic experts believe that Russian roots meet and love for knitwear Sonia Rykiel

– In Russia there was a special relationship to knitwear, – said Victor Kuzmichev. – Can not remember krimplenovyh costumes are very popular in the Soviet Union, and sweaters Hemingway our bards. But you should know that it came from our country have shown new ways to use jersey. For example, turtlenecks – jackets with high collar, called “tortilla” – the invention of Russian avant-garde. A cap-type balaclavas came up with Russian sailors during the Crimean War.

Rykiel lived a long life, being able to listen to your body at every stage of its development. Her career began with a line of clothing for pregnant women, and ended – clothing for the elderly.

– I remember when I was struck by her line, “a woman in the case”, – says Anwar Ochilov. – This garment has been designed for women age, a figure which takes on age-related changes. But thanks to the jersey, becoming the second skin, and in a very respectable age women to feel beautiful and elegant.

However, grateful to Sonia Rykiel and men. For example, for knitted underwear.

– Before 1980, no one could not have imagined that the pants can be knitted, – says Kuzmichev. – Knitwear was very rude and was fit except on the cloak. But thanks to the emergence of new types of yarn, new ways of processing jersey was becoming thinner and softer. But to expand the scope of knitwear without bold experiments Sonia Rykiel would be impossible.

On the death of Sonia Rykiel he said in his Instagram daughter of fashion designer Nathalie Rykiel.


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