Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oleg Menshikov has grown to Macbeth – News

Yermolova artistic director Oleg Menshikov Theatre requires coming to stage directors’ talent, contagion, energy and charm. ” He said this “News” after the traditional preseason troupe meeting

-. I’m as artistic director – one, but as a person – is another, – confessed artistic director. – It has been a couple of times when I forbade to produce the finished performance, since it does not fit not only my perception of the theater, and, in principle, global understanding of theater. You do not think that everything that goes on stage Yermolova Theatre, like me, as an artist and as a person. Far from there.

However, the artistic director admitted that he does not impose his tastes directors.

– This is an attempt to be objective and try to understand what is at present the viewer wants – explained Menshikov. – Sometimes the performances, which I think will cause the restrained reaction of the public, on the contrary, cause delight. Or, conversely, those that I find remarkable, the viewer takes cold enough. Therefore, in general, be guided their tastes very difficult. We must admit that there are other points of view.

On the occasion of opening of the season in terms of artistic director and actors have coincided. In the new stage of theatrical figures waiters greeted with cognac and cream

-. Help yourself popsicle, Vladimir – suggested President Vladimir Andreev theater actor Sergei Badichkin disguised as ice-cream.

At the surprises did not end there – artistic director of the troupe invited to the auditorium, where said that currently a lottery will be held here, which will compete for prizes delicious – baskets of sanctions products and branded alcohol.

Another good news was the message that finally came to awards from the metropolitan officials – the theater waiting for them in the past, the anniversary season. Thanks from the head of the Moscow Department of Culture received Darya Melnikova, Christine Asmus and Sergey Kempo. There were also letters from Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and plaques honored worker of culture.

Having distributed prizes and gifts, artistic director of the troupe notified about the plans of the theater in the first half of the season. The starting list is the “Macbeth” (early December).

starring himself artistic director. In his youth he played in Shakespeare’s play one of the guards. And he rose to Macbeth. The cast also busy Daria Melnikova (Lady Macbeth), Artem Tsukanov (Banco), Oleg Filipchik (Duncan), Igor Kharlamov (Macduff), and others.

The second premiere on the big stage will be “Duck Hunt” Vampilov in by Yevgeny Marcelli. By 15 September the clarified roles.

In the new stage, conceived as an experimental platform, already staged several young directors. By the end of the year Alex Leninsky there will mock the “Process” Kafka. The name for the setting is not found.

At the moment, the theater is in a state of renovation – both substantive and external “Ermolovsky” continue to repair

– Construction have never stopped, – stated the artistic director.. – Currently a total of conduct construction work on 40 million rubles. Ends renovation of the facade and the main entrance to the theater Tver, nearing completion of work inside the building. Tidy female dressing rooms, fully repaired the makeup department. There is mounting a serious light equipment on the main stage, so we start the season later

And in management plans -. Actors do for a hostel in the theater by Nikita lane. Recently the theater has received from the city of three apartments. But those whom their housing is not provided, the management of removable cover.

Last season Oleg Menshikov declared intention to put musical performance “Silva”, but, apparently, these plans were not destined to come true. None of the directors can not imagine what it would be desirable from the artistic director of this material, however, and tips – how to do it right – he was not in a hurry.

– No director working here – and there were many – do not tell you that I interfere, – says Menshikov. – I do not even have a landmark view. In very rare cases, I ask to see. Because I believe that the performance on the unprepared do not understand what can be the result. Here Eugene B. Kamenkovich with which we play football, said to me: “How can you not looking to start up in work performance,” Well, so, I can. This – the risk. Well, actually, the theater – always a great extent the risk

However, the repertoire ermolovtsev have absolutely no regrets performances, such as “Orchestra of dreams.. Copper “that October 1st will open the 91st theatrical season.


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