Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Media reported on the possibility of returning to the Radcliffe as Harry Potter – Russian Newspaper

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You can not just take and stop milking “the universe of Harry Potter.” In addition to the three new books and Spinoff trilogy, fans of the magic four-eyes may well have to wait and the next event on the screens of the title character

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source Daily News reported, citing its own “well-informed sources” that studio Warner Bros. I am extremely interested in the adaptation of Rowling’s book “Harry Potter and cursed the child”. With the possible date for the premiere in the area 2020. And with the assistance of Daniel Radcliffe in the title role.

Although the latter had previously stated that he would have to distance themselves from glorified his image, after Daniel said that, however, do not fully exclude the possibility of another “wear round glasses “and play Harry before he turns forty years.

Moreover, according to the publication,” the studio conducts secret negotiations, which deals with the story line, which focuses on the son of Potter “(coglasno prediction Potter will live to a ripe old age, and become the father of twelve children) and “ready to throw huge sums of money to turn this story into a new trilogy.” The above confirms the July news that Warner Bros. registered a trademark on the name of the feature film “Harry Potter and the cursed child”.

“Daniel with great success playing the Harry Potter decade, earning critical acclaim. But after he also established himself as a very strong actor, working on Broadway and starring in such, for example, tapes, like “the Woman in black.” that is, he does not need the money, nor even any “shocks” to their careers. So it seems now Radcliffe have pougovarivat ( will return to the role of Potter – “RG Kinokratiya”) “, – quotes the edition of insider

On the part.” Warner “no comment is not followed.

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