Sunday, August 28, 2016

Horror “Do not breathe,” she became a US box-office leader – BBC

Low-budget horror movies are successful – this simple axiom of American filmmakers with a light hand by James Wan, seem jagged heart. In rolling out such scenes almost more than by Marvel or DC blockbusters, their budgets are small, they are paying for a lot of time, allowing you to make more and more new franchises like the now classic “Saw” or relatively fresh, “the spell.” Was no exception and the new film moved to Hollywood Uruguayan filmmaker Federico Alvarez, “Do not breathe».

Over the weekend from 26 to 28 August 10 millionth tape collected in hire US $ 26 1 million and regularly took the first place.

Alvarez began his American career after being posted on YouTube’s own short film. He signed a contract with the film company Ghost House Pictures, and its full-length debut was another film in the famous “Evil Dead” franchise – the fourth part, which has appeared at the same time restart of the series, was worth only $ 17 million at the box office and collected nearly $ 100 million in 2013- It was. m, the success of the new “Evil dead” gave Uruguayan carte blanche for other projects – he had been offered, and continuation of the story of “the dead”, and it is rumored that some of Marvel projects, which he, however, refused to save control of their creativity. In addition, Alvarez attributed to Dante’s film adaptation of the Inferno video game, but when the project is implemented, is still unknown. Well, not to be idle, he decided to remove the “not breathe” – the story of three robbers who got into the house of a blind old man, but as a result have become prey themselves. Critics appreciated Alvarez’s work is very positive (from “Do not breathe,” 87% “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes), viewers were not so complacent (rating B +), but revenues still allowed the film recouped in the first US weekend.

The Russian “Do not breathe,” the first place did not take, but will perform better than domestic releases this week, “Sparta” and “Night Watch».

on Thursday, for example, the picture was second with 15 million rubles, but in the weekend will be the third – after “The Secret life of domestic animals” and. “The Mechanic: Resurrection»

In the US the same box “Mechanic: Resurrection. “I was not so popular. Sequel to the blockbuster “The Mechanic”, 2011, in which the main role back Jason Staten, gathered over the weekend only $ 7.5 million and took only the fifth place. It’s a little less than it was five years ago in the original film, earned at the start of $ 11.4 million; “The Mechanic”, by the way, and could not be recouped by rolling – it charges totaled $ 62 million at 40 million budget, and why the producers decided on a sequel, really do not understand. However, the result of the “Mechanic: Resurrection” could be better, but he fired just 2.2 thousand cinemas, and at almost the same training camp with a copy he lost three positions runner “Suicide Squad»

<.. p> Charges kinokomiksa DC for the weekend amounted to $ 12.1 million

of course, this picture of all your tasks -. even within the extended kinovselennoy DC – has already decided . Revenue “Suicide Squad” is now $ 636 million (total 30 million less than the “Man of Steel”), your budget ($ 175 million) paid for the film, the audience of new superheroes proved basis for the continuation of the series laid. He also spent three weeks in the first place at the box office; however, this achievement in the absence of any clear competitors ( “Ben-Hur” Timur Bekmambetov those becoming unable) can hardly be written in the merit of “detachment».

In the third place went up cartoon “Kubo. . Legend of the Samurai “with $ 7.9 million

Distributors have added him some screens, and due to this he was able to get ahead of another animation release – a cartoon for adults” Full raskolbas “, which revenues amounted to $ 7.7 million in total revenue, “Kubo” is now $ 27.6 million, which is not enough for a 60-million budget, but it is hardly represented in worldwide box office.; for example, in Russia, the film will be released in October. With “Full raskolbas” the situation is different – he earned only US $ 80 million, many times recouped its 19 millionth budget, and of the world now depends only shows his total income. Russian moviegoers will be able to look at the food adventure from September 8.


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