Monday, August 22, 2016

The results of the “short” festival – BBC

This summer in Kaliningrad, according to local residents, it seemed very short because of rain, but the festival “short” lucky with the weather – two of the three days it was hot and sunny. In addition to the competition program, consisting of four two-hour blocks of short films as part of the festival on August 20 there was a presentation of the film-catastrophe Nicholas Khomeriki “Icebreaker”, which hire is scheduled for autumn this year. The painting is based on a true story, tells of the heroism of the team of the atomic icebreaker “Mikhail Gromov,” heroically coping with the difficulties in the Antarctic

The press and festival participants showed the first twenty minutes of the film:. Crew members in the performance of Peter Fedorov, Alexander Yatsenko, Vitaliy Hai and other celebrated artists are drinking alcohol, watching “The Diamond hand”, called the ship “Semen Semenovich,” trying to save wash away overboard dog, find out the relationship and encounter with a giant iceberg.

Producer Igor Tolstunov, present a picture on the show, he said that the hundred-meter icebergs, of course, does not happen, but for the sake of entertainment filmmakers still decided to go to such artistic exaggeration.

The most difficult part of filming, according to the authors, it has become associated with the wind and snow, which for the “Icebreaker” produced as much as two hundred tons. As for the dramatic part, there is a lot unclear. In the first place, and has not appeared in the picture is one of the main characters, played by Sergei Puskepalis.

Secondly, it is not clear yet, whether or not according to the authors all goodies wear mustaches, and villains like the one played by Barabash artist shave up blue

However, the spectator pattern was likely to find -. show fragment ended jury cry festival Janik Fayzieva ” Continued come!. »

The next day after the end of the contest hits the cinema” Dawn “came Minister of culture Vladimir Medina. The official joked a lot and refused to read a prepared speech on a piece of paper, because it says that the short films – this is only the start for the filmmaker. “This is nonsense some” – smiled Vladimir Rostislavovich, as it believes that the make a short film is much more difficult than the “Game of Thrones”, which wanted to be sure to surpass all competitors

However, to fantasy thing in the competition. this time did not come, although in terms of genre diversity “short” would give odds to any Russian festival.

Among the 39 competition films there was a place all possible genres and even one ” erotic dystopia “Neon” about caught out heterosexuals law.

In terms of the quality of the competition has turned out uneven, but the choice of questions the jury does not cause, especially since two-thirds of it coincided with the result of a short contest “Kinotavr “. The main prize took the comedy “Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!” – Energetic, in the spirit of Zory gooseberry, kinoanekdot about spree before the first working day radiodidzheya. The film has some bust with the music group “Leningrad”, but otherwise it’s very hard work done and for the director Kirill Vasiliev will obviously be interesting to watch. The award for the screenplay was Vadim Valiulin for “Credit” – stories about the girl’s death and bondage mortgage

Finally, the best director was deservedly recognized as Ira Vilkova.. Her film “Che” – a light story about accidentally met in St. Petersburg a young man and the girl with the Kuzbass – like “Walk”, “Peter FM” and other Russian paintings in underdeveloped, but thankfully genre Petersburg romantic comedy

Closing. festival, its president Sergei Selyanov, which in this day and celebrated another birthday, said goodbye to the fourth “short” and immediately welcomed the upcoming fifth. We have no choice but to join.


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