Sunday, August 28, 2016

In the Tula region has passed the action “Night at the Movies» –

August 27, the Day of Russian Cinema, in many regions of Russia hosted the first All-Russian action “Night at the Movies».

In all regions, the three Russian films were shown, chosen by a vote on the official website of the Year of Russian cinema . This “Legend № 17″ Nikolai Lebedev, “Batalon” Dmitry Meshieva and cartoon “Smeshariki. Legend of the Golden Dragon. »

By the action now and Tula region. Screenings were held at 26 sites in the region, of which 4 in Tula, the press service of the regional government.

In the regional center held view in retro cinema “May” in the Tula circus. Open-air cinema turned into the Tula Kremlin, on the waterfront of the river Upa in the Central Park of Culture and Rest. P.P.Belousova.

Deputy Chairman of the Tula Region Government and Minister Marina Levina Tula region Culture and Tourism Tatyana Rybkin visited Tula kinoploschadke.

Marina Levin noted that the participation of the residents in the area this event – an event long awaited and interesting. Even at the first viewing movies a large number of people gathered at the sites. At the screenings came to both adults and children.

Tatiana Rybkin also noted that in “Night at the Movies” for Tula and guests organized a large entertainment program.

“In order to Tula were able to see the best films of recent years were organized platform for viewing a movie in the open air. The idea for the organization of the action of such a format supported Acting Tula Region Governor Alexei Dyumin “, – stated the Minister

The head of the profile ministry also stressed that the action to sit down, almost all the municipalities of Tula region.. On 22 sites not only held free screenings of the claimed paintings, but also a whole range of themed events. Interesting events in “Night at the Movies” were organized in the museums of the region.

For example, in the Tula State Museum of Weapons visitors were offered a mini-tour of the new permanent exhibition “History of small arms and bladed weapons from the XIV century to the present “. Visitors learn the history of machine gun Lewis from the movie “White Sun of the Desert”, a rifle and “drives” of the “Turkish Gambit”, rifles and pistols from the “Hussar Ballad”, other weapons, has become a hero films.

In retro cinema “May” was a demonstration of silent films with live music in the open air summer cinema. It also passed themed quizzes and contests, karaoke show, master classes.

Film Screenings also took place in the theater, which was opened yesterday in the Palace of Culture. Molodtsova Donskoy.


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