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What is known about the new Minister of Education and Science – Vedomosti

The new Minister of Education and Science of the Russian President will be appointed employee Olga Vasilyeva administration. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has decided to dismiss the current Minister Dmitry Livanov.

Vasileva learned of the appointment, he stated that the main task in his new position said concern about the teachers. “The main task – to care for teaching, as a teacher – it’s the most important person in the process of education”, – she told “Interfax”.

According to her, the teacher works with children, it fulfills a very important mission. “Today we have children, tomorrow we have the people,” – she said. To assist teachers in addressing the challenges should the expert community, you need to take care of the financial situation of teachers, Vasilyev added. It is necessary to rethink “what we already had.” Russia has “a wonderful experience of the past generations, including the XIX and XX centuries.”, Said the new minister, adding that the care of the teacher is a complex task. “And,” May decrees “must be strictly adhered to,” – said Vasilyev.

According to her, in Russia it is necessary to improve the system of teacher training. Comment possible personnel changes in the department, it did not. “Let’s you and I meet again after some time,” – said Vasilyev.

In turn, in the Ministry of Education said that despite the change of leadership training for the new academic year runs in normal mode. “The Ministry is focused on carrying out its tasks and continues to operate normally, concentrating on the preparation of educational organizations for new academic year”, – reported the press service of the department. “The decision concerns only the resignation of the head, it is inappropriate to comment”, – he told “Vedomosti” representative of the Ministry.

source close to the current leadership of the Ministry of Education, told “Vedomosti” that is “spitting in the direction of modernization of ideas.” “This appointment is an extreme conservative, projecting for the priority of religious education. It’s just a guard. Its purpose can be explained by the fact that even in the field, which understood the need for international cooperation, global competitiveness, we are likely to head for the isolation, “- he said. According to him, the Ministry of Education will share, because “it is difficult to imagine how it will manage the Academy of Sciences.” According to the source, her candidacy was called: “But that was about the same as the candidacy of Irina Spring, as an extremely radical version of it, unfortunately, was realized. more organic “will look in this sense, Elena Yampolsky in the post of minister of culture. He suggests that it would be introduced by the Orthodox education in schools from 1 to Grade 11, and OE

The Presidential Administration deputy director of management, she worked on public projects (project manager – Paul Zenkovich, oversees the management of the first deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin). Vasilyeva long worked in the system of education and science in high school and high school, said the source “Vedomosti” in the Kremlin: it is one of the best experts, because he knows that the education system in all its aspects. Even working in the administration, Vasilyev lectured governors, professors, school teachers, officials, youth, he says: it is perceived as a man of his environment everything – from academics to teachers in rural schools. Vasilyeva sometimes showed “excessive patriotism”, said another federal official.

According to “Vedomosti” interlocutor in the presidential administration, Vasilyeva continues to this day teaching activities. Pavel Zenkovich she oversaw all educational projects, responsible for liaison with civil society institutions.

including through the work of the president’s administration Vasiliev lectured at round tables and seminars for senior officials, held the AP. In addition, within the framework of public projects management (in charge of the first deputy head of the President Vyacheslav Volodin administration) she organized seminars with the ONF, and also participated in the “Candidate” training project, which is “United Russia” held for participants in the party primaries, and lectured to “Tauris”.

«I about its successes in this work is not known. Her lectures were not completely formatted – the academic sense, but not applied, as required for regional officials, “- says” Vedomosti “former federal official.

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Forts welcomes the appointment of a new Minister of Education. “It is no secret that the Academy of Sciences have developed a very complex relationship with the Ministry of Education and personally Livanov. Livanov looked at the Academy of Sciences as a kind of Carthage, which must be destroyed. This is wrong, we always argue about this, we had no dialogue, it was not smooth business relations, we do not get them lined up. The new minister, apparently, a very informed as working at the site, which receives all the information, and the president’s administration could not feel what I said earlier. I hope that we will work well together, and we will do everything to make common cause together, “- he said.

Fortova do not mind that the scope of research interests of the new minister of education – the story of the Russian Orthodox Church, and he does not agree that the science will go on the conservative path of development: “Our science is in a difficult situation, the president and prime minister -Minister know this well, and they are waiting for real scientific complex cases, and I welcome this decision. ”

One of the founders of “dissernet” – Andrew Zayakin – invite the new Minister of Education to use any platform and media to explain his position on several issues, “Livanov fell by four points. He was not able to close the most dissovetov where protected fake thesis. I could not withdraw from the VAK experts who patronized plagiarism. He did not, would not, could not remove the statute of limitations on dissertations. And he appointed plagiarists to university rectors. So I wonder whether the new Minister of Education made something in the four directions or not. ”

In 2013, Vasiliev performed with a closed lecture on patriotism to the United Russia, says “Kommersant Vlast” referring to one of the listeners. “In this lecture, she made it clear that Stalin, for all shortcomings – public good, because before the war engaged in unity of the nation, revived heroes of pre-revolutionary Russia and engaged in the promotion of the Russian language and literature, which, by and large, and helped win the war. Bolshevism is the same – it is the separation of the nation, the destruction of the state and national scrapie “, – he said.

Editor in Chief of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov has decided to leave the Public Council under the Ministry of Education. “I decided to leave the Public Council under the Ministry of Education. The new Minister of … “- he wrote on Twitter.

On Livanov’s resignation became known on Friday, August 19th. “In order to realize those ideas that were formulated, it requires new approaches and new powers, and in some cases – and new people,” – Medvedev said Putin during a working meeting held “Belbek” airport. Medvedev has proposed to replace Livanov Olga Vasilyeva, which, in his opinion, “has a good track record.” According to him, Vasilyeva to work in the system of the Academy of Sciences has worked a teacher. She has experience both in the government and the presidential administration. “I think she is capable to implement these new tasks,” – reports the words of Medvedev “Interfax”.

Olga Vasilyeva was born in 1960. She graduated from the conducting and choral department of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, Department of History of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute and the Department of “International Relations” of the Diplomatic Academy. From 1987 to 1990 she studied at the graduate school of the Institute of Russian History.

In 1990, Vasilyev became a PhD with a thesis on “The Soviet state and patriotic activity of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Great Patriotic War.” Nine years later, she became a Doctor of Science. The topic of her doctoral thesis – “Russian Orthodox Church in the policy of the Soviet state in 1943-1948 gg.”. From 1991 to 2002, the future Minister of Education has worked at the Center for the History of Religion and Church Institute of Russian History.

Since 2002, Vasilyev chair for religious studies of the Russian Academy of State Service under the Russian president. She is also a member of the preparation of the course programs of the Council of “History of Russia” at the Ministry of Education, a member of the Commission for Religious Associations under the Government.

My scientific interests of the new Minister of Education -. History of the Russian Orthodox Church in the twentieth century, the site says RANHiGS, where she is a professor in the department of church-state relations and the head of the master’s program “Safety of interfaith relations” . Also within the scope of her interests include state-church relations in the Soviet era, religion and politics, international relations, a church and foreign policy issues and religious and political extremism. Among the courses of lectures which she reads, – “History of Religions”, “Religion and politics”, “state-church relations in Russia”, “Safety-confessional and inter-ethnic relations.” Among her scientific publications – “The foreign political activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the early postwar years,” “Metropolitan Nikodim Rotov; Metropolitan Nicholas Yarushevich “,” Religious Extremism: Causes and Cures. ”


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