Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Samara authorities promise to provide all students with free textbooks – REGNUM

Samara, 30 August 2016, 13:09 – REGNUM In the framework of the city program to bring Samara schools to fire safety regulations allocated 25 million rubles, of which a large part of the funds directed to the repair and maintenance of fire safety systems. This information informed the head of the mayor’s office Department of Education Lily Galuzina, reports IA REGNUM .

According to the official, September 1 at their desks sit more than 112 thousand. Children, which is almost 5 thousand. More than last year. First-graders this year will be 12 thousand. 700 children.

Currently, 160 educational institutions operate in Samara. These include new schools that will open its doors for the first time on September 1: №7 school in the neighborhood Cool Keys 1,360 seats and school №57 for 1000 people in the village Volgar. In the general education system back to school №75, which is completely remodeled and is ready for the beginning of the school year.

Essentially School №144 updated. In her comprehensive redecoration was carried out, including, has been fitted with the latest equipment assembly hall, landscaped area and installed a play area for children.

Many schools have made cosmetic repairs have been replaced with the heating system, repaired stairs and dining. In 2016, it was renovated sports hall in Samara sports Lyceum. Also, a new universal playground appeared in the school №66 of the Soviet area, said Lilia Galuzina.

As previously reported IA REGNUM , in the Samara region of 1 September 2016 for school desks sit more than 310 thous. students, this figure corresponds to the number of students in the 90-ies of the last century. About 10% of students (about 30 thousand. People) will continue studying in the second shift. This was stated by the Minister of Education and Science of the region Vladimir Pyleva. He predicted that the number of students in the coming years will increase by about 5-8 thousand people, and in 5-6 years, their number will reach 330 thousand plans Samara authorities -.. To eliminate the second shift in the schools to build and reconstruct 60 schools until 2024 .

today, the school of the Samara region on the 100% provided with textbooks. On update textbooks this year, from the regional and federal budget allocated 208 million rubles. These funds purchased 640 thousand. Books.

According to Vladimir Pyleva, in the 2016-2017 academic year at their own expense to parents will buy only educational notebooks, atlases, contour maps. Parents have the right to choose for their children’s education program and, if the teacher offers to study the textbook, which is absent in the school library, they have the ability to opt out and request to replace the program.

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