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“Movie Night” could result in storm – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Constantine Habensky reincarnated in Sergei Prokofiev

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On August 27, Moscow, Russia Day was celebrated with a flourish a movie that gripped the city parks and theaters. The symbol of the new action “Night at the Movies” was the big-eyed owl. But to please the audience started earlier in the day.

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Photo:. Gennady Cherkasov

The hero of the day – Denis Matsuev

This year has been declared the Year of the Russian cinema. Here and we decided to celebrate professional holiday of filmmakers with a Russian sweep. On Novy Arbat area is located “Jumble”, where passers-by could watch films from the popular film magazine, and at the same time to jump. And all over the city there was something like that.

The hero of the day was Denis Matsuev. In 16 hours, he was represented by Valery Gergiev with the documentary “Prokofiev: during the journey,” Anne Mathison. And in 19 hours, I was sitting at the piano in front of the Bolshoi Theater. Denis Matsuev performed outstanding works of Soviet and Russian composers, written for the movie.

It was assumed that Dmitry Medvedev greets the audience, but he did not appear with the Russian National Orchestra. A brief statement was made by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, looking as if casually looked at the light. Spectators tried their cries, though timid, to attract his attention, and then fell silent when the screen went first shots. Having read the newspapers, people were convinced that they are waiting at the Theater Square with open arms. Someone came from the suburbs. Not so many people gathered in the evening to listen to an outdoor concert in honor of the Day of the movie. But of them fell to the ground units. Older women told the guards about their illnesses, foaming at the unfairness of life. Nothing helped. Methane is a young woman, who miraculously broke through to the rows of chairs with his son. Her daughter was left on the other side of the fence. By intercom command was given: “See that no one jumped over the fence. The crowd is. ” It seemed that at some point people will take the Bolshoi Theater by storm.

On behalf of the narrator played Yevgeny Mironov. Perfect and without pathos, he read a short lecture about the stages of the path of the national cinema, listing of our best actors, with a special intonation gave the name of his teacher Oleg Tabakov. When sounded grandiose Prokofiev’s music for the film “Alexander Nevsky”, Isaac Dunayevsky to the “Children of Captain Grant” from Aram Khachaturian “Masquerade” by Sergei Gerasimov, who was appointed prime minister on June 22, 1941, as much spirit captures. The movie was a great era. Thinking about how to illustrate the film 90, Denis Matsuev has decided to turn to the music of Prokofiev. It accompanied and held the fragments of films, “Brother”, “Land of the Deaf”, “Little Faith».

The current year has been declared the Year of Prokofiev also. At the premiere of Anne Mathison “Prokofiev: on the way” (it was held in one of the city’s theaters) came Valery Gergiev and Denis Matsuev, who participated in its creation. Before the show choir them. AVSveshnikov sounded Prokofiev written to the Eisenstein film. It passes all in the foyer of the crash from the next room, where there was a blockbuster. The choir continued to sing and when repeated announcement of the beginning of the session on the speakerphone. The audience rushed to the hall, the lobby was empty, and its chorus number has exceeded the number of listeners. A man in a suit showed choir leader Evgeny Volkov hands cross, saying, fasten. With colleagues we thanked Eugene for a wonderful concert, which took place in extreme circumstances. And the answer was: “What do you mean, it’s a cinema»

The picture of Prokofiev precede titles:. “The principles of the spiritual condition during the journey.” According to Anna Mathison, a kind of diary of the Easter Festival, in which woven Prokofiev diaries. He conducted them for over 30 years, and his last line – that again had to degrade instrumentation “Tale of the Stone Flower”. Named formalist and anti-Soviet composer late in life he returned to the country of the Bolsheviks, making a move that did not nobody like Gergiev says. He died the same day as Stalin. Gergiev took his place in the top ten composers, which can be recognized by top tunes. He spoke temperamentally: “Was the movie” Beethoven “, which dealt with the fate of the animal. And we have a film, where instead of dogs – Sergey Prokofiev. ” Passing with the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra for 24 days, 11 cities and performing there Prokofiev, Gergiev predicts that powerful genius move forward. This way the cities and villages and captured Anna Mathison. On the screen – Konstantin Habensky in the form of a brand, which intends to buy a cottage Prokofiev. And while he was sitting on the porch and turns the pages of his diary. Behind him appears Prokofiev performed by all of the same Knightley. But the main character of the movie became still Valery Gergiev.

Immediately after the show was a lecture by director Alexei Mizgireva and producer Alexander Rodnyansky. The world premiere of their film “Duelist” will be held at the Toronto Film Festival in September. In the meantime, its creators talked about how there was a work showed fragments of the picture, talk about the author’s cinema, whose members are increasingly looking towards the genre and movie viewers. That’s just not going to happen Alexey Mizgireva at its premiere. August 26th Canadian embassy denied him a visa because there is no certainty that he would leave Canada.

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