Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Favorite female Elvis Presley – Dni.Ru

On this day 39 years ago, Elvis Presley died. Of course, such a man would have to be your queen. Dni.Ru remembered most famous companions of the singer.

Priscilla Beaulieu

 Photos Priscilla  Beaulieu:. GLOBAL LOOK press / Byron Purvis

She met Elvis at the age of 14 years on one of the parties,
 three years later, in 1963, they met again. Priscilla came to live with
 his beloved in the
estate Graceland, and in 1966, under pressure from parents, Elvis was forced to propose to her.

Wedding thundered May 1, 1967, and in
 February 1968, Priscilla gave birth to daughter Lisa-Marie. Soon after
 that the King of Pop was parted from his wife, disappearing again on
 recording and writing songs. In 1970, Presley admitted to reporters that their
 family is not going smoothly. TO
 In 1972 their relationship turned into fiction, and Priscilla moved away from the singer.

Divorce issued in October 1973,
 Lisa-Marie stayed with her mother, but often came to his father’s “Graceland”. It is said that Elvis
 upset by the divorce process, and despite the fact that the love of the former
 his wife he did not have more than once said that he felt betrayed. Meanwhile, Priscilla went into the world of fashion and
 I began to act in films. Viewers will remember her in the film “Naked Gun”
 and the TV series “Dallas”

Linda Thompson

 Photos Linda  Thompson:. GLOBAL LOOK press / D Long
. After the divorce, Elvis met with the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Tennessee”, poet and actress Linda Thompson. Their relationship lasted for three and a half years. By
 the time of the king of rock ‘n’ roll has begun to appear with health problems – due to medication abuse. In the end it is as infinite
 absences, fed up girl, and she left Presley. It was alone with
 tablets, from which fell into a deep relationship. Linda long grieved for
 singer. After parting with Presley she was twice married and had two children.

Ginger Alden

 Ginger Alden Photo.  frame youtube.com

After parting with Linda, Elvis quickly found her replacement. In 1976, 20-year-old Ginger
 Alden won the king’s heart, he even
 I was going to marry her. However, despite the suggestion in the ring 11 and
 Carat, the girl did not agree to move to the singer’s residence. She really did not
 like the fact that Elvis is abusing drugs. When
 he was under the influence of pills, she ran away to her parents. However, Ginger met with Elvis until his death, 16 August, 1977.


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