Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Musician Chris Brown was arrested for threatening weapon – BBC

Los Angeles police arrested singer and musician Chris Brown for assault with a deadly weapon. He was taken to the police station for several hours after the confrontation with law enforcement officers near his home. After charges musician has been released on bail of $ 250 thousand.

His lawyer Mark Dzharagos thanked all Brown’s fans for their support, said on Twitter that he is on the loose and feels good, but also stated that his client in no way to blame.

Chris Brown will appear in court on September 20.

The police came to the house and after a call from a woman who claimed that Brown threatened her with a weapon. Call was a certain model of Bailey Curran; According to her, she was a musician at a party, going to talk to him about future joint projects. The incident occurred when she considered the jewels on the other guests; suddenly he demanded that she move, after which Brown pulled out a gun and yelled at her that she was removed from his home. Later, the guards tried to take her sign a non-disclosure, but she refused to give up such a document and called the police.

It is interesting that the police (and immediately appeared on the scene reporter) for a long time could not get into Brown’s house. Musician at this time wrote and published a video on his blog on the Instagram, which including said he was tired from all.

«siege,” as it was soon nicknamed the American media, lasted almost a few hours. When the guards were able to get into the room, they detained several people (LA Times writes about six), and they have already begun to cooperate with the investigation. However, the investigation details to the police did not disclose, and only anonymous source told the publication that during the search was found thrown out of the window bag with “evidence relating to the case».

Brown’s lawyer immediately after arrest, the singer said that he denies the charges and plans kakie-libo soon bail.

Judging by the amount of collateral, nothing serious in the actions of Brown police have not yet found.

Chris Brown became known in mid zero, writing immediately after school album «Chris Brown», who started from second place on the Billboard charts. Now to his credit eight solo albums and several records, written in collaboration with other musicians, numerous awards – such as, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, one Grammy Award (for «F.A.M.E.») and 15 nominations for her. However, in 2009, the 20-year-old when the musician was a very different glory

In 2009, his then-girlfriend Rihanna (they were the same age, and their careers have evolved about the same) accused the musician of domestic violence -. He beat girl, escaped from the police arrived, but later turned himself in. The Court considered that Brown found guilty, and sentenced him to a five-year suspended sentence (in the end he spent on probation for six years), he sentenced him to a thousand hours of community service and ordered to undergo a course of rehabilitation of persons who are prone to violence. At the same time he was forbidden to approach Rihanna.

However, a few years later the pair almost made it up, trying to renew old relationships, even recorded together compositions, but in the end they still parted finally .

Although his probation ended only in 2015 (Brown even had time to visit a short time in prison, when he was still fired with rehabilitation courses), the singer has already managed to get into some bad stories. So, at the beginning of this year, the police carried out the investigation, when a certain woman accused of beating a musician. In addition, the criminal past led to the fact that Canada has banned him from entering, and the Australian authorities have asked to explain why they should let Brown in his country. Musician, by the way, have not found a suitable case causes and withdrew his application for a visa at the same time changing the tour schedule.


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