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The island “New Holland” in St. Petersburg opens after reconstruction – TASS

ST PETERSBURG, 27 August. / TASS /. Admire St. Petersburg residents and guests of the creative space in the former closed military island “New Holland” reopened on Saturday after reconstruction and will be available for year-round recreation. The island was closed in the autumn of 2013, after three summers of work of cultural space.

“the first phase of the project will start in August 2016, which includes the improvement of park space temporary pavilions, engineering solutions and network system necessary for project of existence, as well as the first refurbished buildings. Later open of the former forge ( “The forge”), “House of the commandant,” and the former marine prison ( “bottle”) in 2016 and 2017. for the first time in the history of its existence, the island is open to visitors all year round, including the winter period “, – told in the press service of the project

Major changes

Dutch company specialists.” West 8 “, inspired by the romance of the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Tuileries in Paris, created park space, which sets the tone of massive brick buildings of the former warehouse. “When we came up with the park, we wanted it to be not very new, fanciful or some too modern, we would like to leave here a romantic atmosphere,” – shared the creators

More than 200 adults planted on the island. trees, including lindens, oaks, maples, willows and even real Christmas fir tree from the German nursery. In addition, experts pitched real herb garden mint and lemon balm, chard, lavender, heather and 30 different types of scented garden and field crops. On it for relaxation chairs and chairs will be exhibited visitors. In winter, on the site of the lawn will be a skating rink with natural ice cover, music and light design and its program of events.

In the park “New Holland” will be placed large sculptures, art objects and installations by artists from around the world. “Due to the success of the previous years of temporary programs” Summer in New Holland “project investors, it was decided to abandon the construction of a new building on the island and instead to organize a full-fledged city park with the necessary infrastructure,” – said the press service. Therefore, temporary pavilions of glass were installed here, wood and metal, made in the tradition of the Northern Art Nouveau. They will house an information center, a pavilion for exhibitions and lectures, stage for concerts, film screenings and theater productions. For young restaurateurs set up small stalls.

In the information center you can hire rackets for badminton and ping-pong, checkers and chess set to play petanque. Guests can also bring sports equipment with them. The main attraction for the children will be children’s playground in the form of a small copy of the frigate “Peter and Paul”.

Employees of “New Holland” will be available on a special form developed by the daughter of the famous polar explorer Xenia Chilingarov. A striking attribute of all gifts will become the new symbol of the project – a seagull. Logo designed Moscow artist Dima Pantyushin.

Islands Development Perspective

As described in the Committee on Investments, currently investor of the project “New Holland Development” received positive conclusion of examination of project documentation in three stages implementation. Work is nearing completion on the first stage: the creation of park space, exit area for water and space for cultural events. In addition, the reconstruction spetsmasterskih, economic department, the highway bridge across the east of the island channel and coastal fortifications waterfront Admiralty channel.

The second phase involves the design and reconstruction of the road bridge over the south channel of the island, as well as the restoration of the former Office rear to accommodate the cultural and business center. In the third phase it is planned restoration and adaptation for modern use of coastal fortifications of the island and the creation of a multifunctional center in a historic building stock. All work should be completed by 2025.

Cultural program opening

The “New Holland” exhibition of young Russian artists, prepared by the Museum of Modern Art “Garage” -. “The sensual experience.” Nine young Russian artists will share with the audience his thoughts on the place of the artist in the modern world, based on personal experience.

During the day and performances by street orchestra Mosbras, and in the evening the audience is waiting for the concert “Symphonic Cinema” featuring guitarist Yuri Kasparian. Songs of famous rock band “Cinema” will be performed by the Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Igor Vdovin, who wrote the first orchestral version six years ago. The first day of light shows and fireworks.

In the second day of the opening will be held theatrical opening of the playground “Day of the big ship”, will be held master classes for children in collaboration with the creative textiles “P.T.H.”. “Young viewers will be able to feel the real sailors, learn a lot about shipbuilding and navigation, learn to knit knots, assemble telescopes and dance” Apple “, – shared the organizers of the evening on the island held a big concert SBPCH groups with children’s orchestra during. whose musicians will arrange a costumed performance

History project

The contract with the investor -. Ltd. “New Holland Development” (included in the structure of Millhouse Capital, which is owned by Roman Abramovich) – was concluded in December . 2010. Initially it was planned to complete the work in 2017, but then the term was extended to 2025, and the project “smashed” into several stages The volume of investments is estimated at 12.1 billion rubles

New Holland -.. the only man-made an island in the Neva delta. It arose in 1719 between the Neva and washing for the needs of shipbuilders, when two channels were dug and warehouse moved to formed the island. at the same time New Holland actually was the first military port in Russia, based on the decree of Peter I September 21, 1721 of the year. Three brick warehouse used for storage of ship timber, also located on the island of the smithy and a prison (convict tower, nicknamed by the people “bottle”). Project island development provides for the creation of social and business multifunctional complex with exhibition areas and objects of engineering infrastructure

The entire complex includes five venues of federal significance:. “Bucket” and internal channels, “The Forge”, forest stocks to the famous Admiralty arch on the canal embankment, “prisoner tower” and “commandant’s House.” Naberezhnye Admiralty and Kryukov Canal belong to the cultural heritage of regional importance.


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