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Premieres of the week: “The maid” Park Chan-wook and Russian fantasy thriller – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, August 23 -. RIA Novosti Premiere of the film “maid” Korean Park Chan-wook, Russian sci-fi thriller “Night Watch” Ivan Yankovsky and Leonid Yarmolnik, as well as the horror film “Do not breathe” will be held in Russian cinemas this week.


The action of the film from the author of “Oldboy” and “Sympathy for Lady vengeance” Korean Park Chan-wook takes place in the Japanese occupied Korea 30-ies of the last century. Courteous swindler named Count offers poor young Korean Coke to participate in the scheme, which should bring her a lot of money. According to his plan, Juices should get a maid to a rich Japanese woman Hideki, who lives in a big house with his uncle, and help him to seduce her, marry her, and then hide it in a madhouse, and take away all its wealth. However, in the course of the maid and Mrs. become too close that jeopardizes swindler plan.

The painting has participated in the main program of the Cannes Film Festival, but no prizes not received. The site Rotten tomatoes critics appreciated the movie of 7.9 points out of 10. As noted by critics, the painting originally looked like a depressing story about misogyny and the oppression of the weak by the strong, in fact, focused on the study of female sexuality.

” The most curious is how pathetic and grotesque shows male sexuality in comparison with the erotic and women warm in the film The Count -. it is only an irritant to the newly-made pair, importunate fly while uncle who makes her niece to participate in the perverse “readings”. for men, just stupid sadist who is too keen on pornography, to ignore the real world men miserable, unwanted voyeurs who really do not understand what women want. “- said the critic Benjamin Lee from” the Guardian “. Some say a picture slowness and too many repetitive scenes, but it redeems the movie beauty.

Night guards

In place of “Night Watch” came Emilis Velivisa fantasy thriller “Night Watch”. The film tells about the courier delivery services of Moscow Pasha Smolnikova by Ivan Yankovsky, who one night, delivering a parcel to the hotel, is witnessing an attack on a mysterious postoyalitsey Dana. Paul intervenes and saves the girl from the criminals, has an amazing, supernatural powers.

Arriving at the place of the incident by representatives of the secret intelligence agencies offered him a job in a secret department of the “H” of the Metropolitan Police, who works with evil spirits on a daily basis carrying out accounting and control of all living in the city is not substantially related to the breed of people: brownies, goblins, mermaids. Pasha enters a trainee to an experienced operative Gamayunov, played by Leonid Yarmolnik, and is investigating the attack at the hotel.

In search of the truth, they descend to the bottom of the occult in Moscow and find out that the capital was the scene of another round of power struggle between the powerful clans of vampires, and Dana -. one of them

Do not breathe

Thriller Uruguayan Fede Alvarez, who on account of a remake of “The Evil dead” tells the story of a gang of robbers who decide to rob a house blind veteran. However, it turns out that instead of the pension savings house hides a terrible secret, and eventually become victims of thieves. The film was played by Stephen Lang, known primarily for the film “Avatar”, and Jane Levy, Daniel and Emma Dzovatto Berkovich. Critics on the website Rotten tomatoes set thriller 7.4 points out of 10.

“A good story premise allows for the development of intelligent suspense. The film is brutally realistic and the themes he touches turns” not breathe “in a spooky story, chilling blood “, – he said the critic Katie Walsh



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