Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gleb Samoilov asks SC to initiate criminal proceedings against his brother – TASS

MOSCOW, August 18. / TASS /. The former lead singer of the rock group “Agatha Christie” Gleb Samoilov asked the Metropolitan Directorate of the Investigative Committee, a statement of a criminal case against his brother Vadim under article “Violation of copyright and related rights.” This Tass said his attorney Alisa Obraztsova.

“The application was submitted to the Investigative Committee in Moscow, is now on it is carried out pre-investigation checks. Hleb believes that his brother had violated Article 146 of the Criminal Code (” Violation of copyright and related rights), “- she said

According to the lawyer, the musician claims related to the tour round Vadim Samoilov.” Agatha Christie. All the hits “, which passes through the cities of Russia in 2015. Vadim Samoilov performed their songs without the permission of her brother, who is the author of most of the works, thus violating its intellectual property rights.” The fact that the right to the execution of works, the author of which is my principal, there is only a group of “Agatha Christie”. Vadim Samoilov – it is not “Agatha Christie” is a single musician who illegally uses someone else’s authorship, “- explained the lawyer

Obraztsova said that he was repeatedly forced Vadim Samoilov Gleb cease to defend his authorship..” B. Samoilov promised that if Hleb will not stop, he will ruin his career. In particular, it will initiate criminal prosecution for alleged incitement to extremism in the songs, performed by Gleb in the new group The MATRIXX. These threats have served as another reason for the appeal to the investigating authorities “, – concluded the lawyer

Commentary Vadim Samoilov TASS until a

On Thursday Savelovsky Moscow court will consider the claim of Gleb Samoilov, who.. asks prohibit brother carry 172 songs of the “golden” repertoire of the group “Agatha Christie”. Rock group “Agatha Christie” was founded in 1985. More than 10 years she has been one of the most popular Russian bands. in 2010, Samoilov brothers recorded a final album “Epilogue”, after which the group officially disbanded.


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