Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Explosive action, senseless and merciless: review of the film “Jason Bourne” – Our newspaper

After two hours of explosions, car chases and riots, arranged by Born, you start to follow your eyes. A brain in this film does not necessarily take.

News of Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region – 31.08.2016

 The fifth film about the CIA superspy Jason Bourne (United Kingdom, China, the United States, action, 16+) can be recommended for viewing or fierce fans of the saga, or lovers of endless explosive action. From its roots book – Robert Ladlyuma novel – Bourne comes off farther and farther

 So, Bourne – ex-CIA superspy who suffers from severe amnesia. He does not remember where he got the talents of martial arts, the ability to drive virtually any transport and handling skills with weapons of all modifications. He marks from the bullets in his body and want to kill. It seems to him that he remembered – who and why. But remember and know – it’s not the same thing. Now he will be looking for confirmation of their guesses.

 In the four previous series (The Bourne Identity (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), The Bourne Legacy (2012)), the hero cool sharpened tooth on a dastardly CIA: it is Man recruited and made a killer-class, but did not solve the issue, with its prosperous employment.

 Hostility Bourne and CIA mutual and bloody. The question is clear: to kill everyone. Or all of the CIA in a crowd, or are already Bourne.


 CIA – the organization is not boring, Bourne, too. Catch-up going all over the world: first, against the backdrop of riots in Athens, then to Berlin, then – among the crowds in London and the appetizer – in Las Vegas. Everywhere Born and company leave trail of destruction: disposable agents, broken machines, burned villages, crying children … or not, and the children of the village – it’s not here, but in general, the budget picture – $ 120 million – will remove the carnage on a grand scale. That there is only one accident involving fifty, no less cars! All, like the snow, fly, fly, fly!

 The best way to watch this movie while jogging on the track simulator: the inner rhythm of the film is so high that sitting still in a chair cinema physically very hard. Add to this the camera twitching in the hands of the operator: documentary recording the effect is not added, and the eyes get tired quickly.


 … If Bourne was quite a live person in the first film, the antipode of lacquered Bond, Bourne and destiny are you worried about, now the viewer has almost spit – and fate, and to fight, and the past and the future. One gets the feeling that the man simply nothing else to do, but he is able to follow and kill, so that the combined at the same time too. No, what they first started ?!


 With Bourne did not happen: in the water does not sink, it does not take a bullet, does not apply gravity

 Matt Damon, who plays Bourne – a good actor. He honestly tries to portray a man accidentally became a killing machine, but that he – even with all his genius – could do with a script


  Thank Titanic-cinema Cinema for the opportunity to see the film.


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