Friday, August 26, 2016

Zemfira celebrated its 40th anniversary on a yacht with Mamut and Bondarchuk – TVNZ

August 26 the singer celebrated his birthday. And, of course, not alone, and not at home – and on the beautiful white yacht cruising the Moscow and-river channels. In an interview Zemfira said that she does not have friends, they say, everyone who was beside her, sooner or later, it betrayed. But, apparently, the actress eventually managed to find friends, colleagues, or just those with whom it is interesting to spend time. These people have made it the company’s birthday.

Во me Ships in me Cities in me All the love in me all that is. Z.

Photos from the celebration shared first Svetlana Bondarchuk . The former wife of the director put in your Instagram card on which she and another blonde hugging Zemfira, standing with his back to the camera.

Zemfira, happy birthday!

In the next photo, which showed already Natalia Dubovitskaya (the wife of Vladislav Surkov ), in addition to the above, Svetlana has and beauty Renata Litvinov in evening dress with bare shoulders, and media mogul Alexander Mamut

Za songs and because I do not sleep … # # vsegdazatebya esttakoyden

also on the boat was the wife of Vladimir Posner , promoter of Hope Solovyov and singer musicians. Who photographed the whole company, and how many people remained behind the scenes -. Not know

@ a030aa @renatalitvinovaofficiall)))


girl scandal – 40 years: As Zemfira almost became a chess player and gave the teacher a bike

At school, the future star was unusual for girls nickname – “Ramadan-partisan”. Young Zemfira Ramazanov , indeed, looked like a boy – short hair, eternal jeans, T-shirts and sweaters. The neighbor rebyatnya amused himself by arguing with classmates on schelbany offering guess this girl or boy. (Details)


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