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“Baltic Debuts» № 13: generations closer – News

The 13th film festival “Baltic Debuts” was timed to the Year at the same time the Russian cinema and the 70th anniversary of the Kaliningrad region – and an outpost of Russian enclave in the West. He has become a tradition held in the resort town Svetlogorsk – not far from the grave of the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant. I will not dwell on the history of this part of East Prussia, when Kaliningrad was Konigsberg, and Svetlogorsk – Raushenom. I dwell on the proper things cinematic.

accident, but the symbolic paradox was the inclusion of non-competitive Russian program “Crew” film festival Nikolai Lebedev – the current champion of the domestic box office, which was perceived to cheer the night the penultimate day “Baltic Debuts” because, like all films of the festival, under the decision of the local administration, he was shown on a huge screen free of the newly built futuristic Variety Theatre “Amber hall”. In the same building held and the main festival screenings

The paradox consisted in the fact that in the midst of restructuring cinematic life began Alexander region Yakovleva -. The star of the first “Crew” (the film Alexander Mitta – “News”), which I created from scratch here international Film Festival “Amber panther.” It is due to take part in these festivals and I became acquainted with Kant’s grave, and from Svetlogorsk who in those years were not nearly as landscaped

After a few years break this tradition continued current rector of VGIK, and then -. Deputy Minister Vladimir Malyshev culture. Alexander Yakovlev, by now a Aasmyae, went from Kaliningrad and made a career in the Railways. Malyshev stories about how he happened to be here by Mikhail Shvydkoi, and they decided that this place is ideal for the festival, is extremely interested in not only foreign visitors but also young Russians.

The success and enjoyed the story of how the first chairman of the jury – the living classic Donatas Banionis – outraged “pornographic”, as it seemed then, painting, hastily selected “bezrybe”. I remember, too, was invited to the jury of one of the first festivals, but little shock I have not experienced

The festival from the very first years took two important niche: on the one hand, the openings and on the other – the Baltic region. including not only post-Soviet Baltic countries, but also Germany and Poland, and of course Russia. Countries with a small amount of film are not spoiled by the attention selectors major film festivals world-wide, so their representatives willing to come and come to the resort town.

Debutants’s featured works, selected too young, permanent, the now grown-up, but not zabronzovevshim Program Director Leonid Demchenko. However, today was a guest to bring much more difficult because of the visa regime and the recent reduction of direct flights from abroad.

I’m back here after almost a decade already chairman of the jury. I was immediately impressed by the contrast between the productive majority very young audience (were the most popular morning program of animated films), by definition, young newcomers and veterans of the great. The latter is often accompanied by members of their family – the actor Alexander Mikhailov or three generations couple Vladimir Naumov and Natalia Belokhvostikova to writer Arkady Yining, who on stage exchanged with new and old anecdotes Sergei Shakurov

The nine competition films (most of. they have been awarded with several awards to other international film festivals) also were at full halls. The contest was steady and dignified, so that the jury had a hard time. However, my colleagues and I – French Distributors Laurent Daniel, a colleague (the organizer of festivals and TV presenter) Miroljub Vuckovic and beauty-associate legendary Juris Podnieks Antra Tsilinskaya from Latvia – have come to a unanimous decision (maybe it helped that all foreigners Russian language) possessed in perfection.

The main prize was awarded to the Latvian social and psychological drama Renars Vimbo “I – here” (I would especially like to acknowledge the female lead Elina Vasco, which I even reminded Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone”) . The prize for Best Director lenfilmovskoy picture “Ivan” had Alena Davydova, and a special jury prize went to “The Unforgiven,” the Swede Magnus von Horn with the wording – “For a brilliant cinematic incarnation of the tragedy of intolerance.” Intolerance, which often leads to a gap between the generations.


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