Saturday, August 20, 2016

At the festival, “short” premiered “peak Ladies” Ksenia Rappoport – Russian Newspaper

“A little, like a shot,” – described at the opening of the festival “short” its president, producer Sergey Selyanov. The festival takes place in Kaliningrad for the fourth time (from 19 to 21 August) and focuses on the new names and debuts.

The organizers deftly picked up popularity of short films in the cinema. And if other festivals, trying to keep up with trends, just include a poster of a program of short films, this one in the ground and is

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this year, the basic and non-competitive program review included 141 picture – films, both Russian and foreign (Mexico, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Iran, Finland, India, the Netherlands, Syria, Spain and other countries). At the Grand Prix of claim 38 paintings selected from more than 1,400 works program director Artem Ryzhkov and his team. Festival screenings lined up as a machine-gun belts – one movie after another. The jury, headed by producer Igor Tolstunov entered Valeri Todorovski, Renata Litvinova, Danila Kozlovsky, film critics Lyubarskaya Irina and Mikhail Klotchkov.

However, the opening of the Valeri Todorovski and Renata Litvinova were not observed. But viewers Kaliningrad joyfully welcomed Svetlichnaya Svetlana, Andrei Merzlikina, Anna Tsukanov-Kott, Catherine Vulichenko and other participants of the festival. As well as the head of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture Vyacheslav Telnov (announced that Minister Vladimir Medina to visit the closing ceremony of the festival)

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There have been at the opening of the festival “short” two people for whom this day turned to triumph. Masha Vasjukova, whose short film “Set on”, made in collaboration with Craig Makdinom, started the festival. In this fast paced, like a sigh, played by Natalie Portman movie.

The second was the producer Dmitry Rudovsky, which brought on the “short” a feature film opening of “The Queen of Spades.” Progress of this painting is conceived an original way. First impressions – the extreme points of the country. Premiere – Kaliningrad. After her show in Svetlogorsk See “Baltic Debuts”, and then – in Vladivostok at the festival “Pacific Meridian”. The audience will see the film in theaters in November this year.

“The Queen of Spades” is not accidental at the festival of short films. The climax of the picture – the opera stage, where the main characters, a world star Sofia Meyer (Ksenia Rappoport), and young tenor Andrey (Ivan Yankovsky) are disclosed in the roles of old women and German so that the viewer sees a separate statement

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Pavel Lungin’s film was a brilliant idea. The star of the opera world, which is in the sunset state seeks to put his in Russia, probably the last masterpiece. And in the process of creation becomes a ruthless director, who by all means change the fate of those who work with her, trying to squeeze out of them necessary for the performance of emotion. Let the show will be the only, but it will be a triumph of

Sofia Meyer – a mystical way, the Witch, which is able to pretend to be “sheep” Lisa on stage. In Xenia Rappoport after this film fall in love again – so captivating and it is insidious in that role. Lungin adds mystery, introducing the film toys -. Dolls as a man who star in iron coffers carries for a worldwide

Good game Rappoport sets off a vicious cold-Hero Igor Mirkurbanova. This is in the “Queen of Spades” oligarch indulges whims of an opera diva. Yad success, triumph drugs – this is important, what is possible to “infect” Sophia’s niece Lisa (Maria Kurdenevich), expelling from it all genuine human feelings. Suppose that on the way to the rise of living people – first love, a brilliant tenor. It can drive you crazy and turn in German … “What is our life game?” – Ivan Yankovsky performs brilliantly

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Initially, the film intended to raise international dream-castes. Uma Thurman – where Ksenia Rappoport, Ralph Fiennes – where Igor Mirkurbanov etc. However, in the process of filming in Russia with Russian actors, this idea was abandoned.

The film, which is in any case an event for national cinema, uneven. The first part appears like “opening act” in the second. Even the rhythm, as in a piece of music is not the same. But the actual opera component causes regret that the master did not realize its potential in the production of classical opera or film-opera “The Queen of Spades.” Especially because there are cases in the practice of world film directing when the director puts operas. Suffice it to mention the names of Franco Zeffirelli and Andrei Konchalovsky


It was interesting to observe as a member of the jury of the festival “short.” – Danila Kozlovsky watched the game in the picture Ivan Yankovsky. The young star is about to compete supervostrebovannomu Kozlovsky. Expressing yourself in the picture Michael Mestetsky “Cloth union,” Jankowski – the successor of the famous dynasty of the domestic – and played in the Russian fantasy “Night Watch,” which will be released on August 25th. In addition, the approach has several films with his younger Jankowski – “Without Borders”, “Indigo,” “Come look at me”, “Source”. It is becoming increasingly popular and the “Queen of Spades” by Pavel Lungin will give him a good start in life. Because I do not remember this, “Herman” – you can not



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