Friday, November 11, 2016

Released the second international trailer for the new film of the Saga “Star wars” – Russian Newspaper

YouTube, published by juicy volume (2 minutes 20 seconds) the second international trailer for “Outcast-one: Star Wars. Of history” (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), the first – of scheduled for about seven or eight googolplex – spin-off cash cows come from galaxy far, far away.

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In the summer of the “Outcast” had problems: after the test hits disney bosses found the picture unsatisfactory and sent for finishing. And substantial. And, most importantly, proposing to shift the focus – from bleak than the alleged sin of the first mounting Assembly, for the more adventurous and playful.

as far As the team Gareth Edwards managed to meet these requirements, we will be able to see on opening night on December 15. Gorged on the spectacle of the burning of blasters and speaking of epic Mads Mikkelsen, felicity Jones, forest Whitaker, Alan Tudyka. And others.

Recall. In the film, the rebels must steal the plans of the “death Star”, which in the future will be in the hands of Princess Leia organa-Solo and the fact is that extremely disappoint her dad, Anakin Skywalker… sorry, Darth Vader.


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