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Depardieu has filed a lawsuit against Elena Evlampieva selling beer – Moskovsky Komsomolets

the amount of the claim to the Russian – 7 million rubles.

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“Russian Frenchman” Gerard Depardieu intends to sue the Metropolitan businesswoman’s seven million rubles. The actor has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow three claims in the amount of five and a half, and half a million rubles. What claims can be for Mr. Depardieu to businesswoman, to reported. However, it is known that the woman engaged in the wholesale of medical and orthopedic goods, car rentals, and trade… beer. Together with the expert, “MK” has tried to understand how a sphere can be linked to the claims of the actor, because the arbitration court is considering including questions about copyright. And can generally Depardieu, not being a businessman, submit the claim to arbitration.

Депардье подал в суд на Елену Евлампиевну, торгующую пивом

photos: Lily Sharlovskoe

In the file Cabinet of the Arbitration court information about the case are scant. Was claims was December 13.

the plaintiff, Gerard Depardieu Xavie.

the defendant, Elena Lazareva Evlampieva.

Additional data on the participants of the process are hidden. However, judging from publicly available databases, some Helen Lazarus was a few firms. Besides the already mentioned the wholesale trade in beer and medtech (two, OOO), the woman is engaged in audit activities, as well as advising on commercial activities and management.

All companies registered at the same address.

Depardieu any not listed. So can he submit a claim to the Arbitration court and any claim he has to the Muscovite? Unfortunately, to get the information first hand was not possible: phones of the agent of the actor did not answer.

- the arbitration court examines disputes in the field of entrepreneurship. But the point here is not who the applicant is and who the defendant – told the “MK” President of the Russian Guild of arbitration managers Stanislav Kleimenov. – Individuals can file lawsuits if the defendant was registered as an individual entrepreneur.

7 million rubles – a lot of cases in arbitration?

- arbitration deals with claims for any amount. Some plaintiffs are wasting your time and sue for a hundred rubles. For example, energy, tax service often charge a small amount. As for the ceiling — it is not. Don’t know the scope of business of this entrepreneur, so can’t assume is whether this amount is significant.

- Can remember cases where foreign media person have applied to the court for our business?

- for Example, the situation with Kirkorov and Marouani is also the first time developed in the framework of the arbitration. Maybe there’s a similar story? Or defendant signed Depardieu a contract for using his image in its advertising campaign? Because the resolution of disputes in the field of copyright is also engaged in arbitration. In any case, this is only speculation.

However, having studied the list of judges who will consider the claims Depardieu, we can say that copyright in this case is not affected. All three of the judge are devoted to the consideration of disputes arising from civil and other legal relations.

- In this case the subject of the dispute difficult to even imagine. Or Depardieu hired entrepreneur for any work for which she received an advance, but it never happened. Either it was the loan agreement of purchase and sale – explained Stanislav Kleimenov, – Yes, anything…


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