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Leap year took the life of George Michael – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Last Christmas artist

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Leap year on your decline like mad. Frantically “gets” the crop of dramas, tragedies, disasters, misery and death. Now George Michael! 53! Heart attack. And his latest album 2014 Symphonica going to stay here now Requiem according to another legend, and the present era in world music. How sad!

Високосный год забрал жизнь Джорджа Майкла

Michael while on tour in support of the album “Faith”, 1988.

one by One the musicians take in this era. In the last number of 2015 is the door to heaven was opened by the leader of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister, followed by other legends: lead singer of Jefferson Airplane Paul Kantner, David Bowie, his drummer, David Dennis, Prince, Leonard Cohen. Just two days ago, the Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt… We should get used to the idea that the time has come when you have to regularly say goodbye to the giants and founding fathers of rock-n-roll. The most rebellious music in the history of rock-n-roll — they started one day and also the first time in the history as a purely “youth genre”, has grown to the status of a classical heritage of mankind, the white haired classics slowly began to leave… But when all of a sudden, like thunder from a clear sky, which is not even waiting, because in 53 years, sometimes even, at the other a second creative breath, it becomes quite uncomfortable.

the Most famous Christmas pop hit of Last Christmas (“the Last Christmas”), created in 1984 as part of the Duo Wham! and subsequently covered by more than 400 covers, became, thus, a terrible prophecy in the life of the artist. He died 25 Dec — Christmas day. Relatives found George “peacefully died in his bed” in his house in the village of Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. The sad news was announced by his agent Michael Lippmann. No “suspicious circumstances” have been identified, according to preliminary data, the cause of the incident could be heart failure.

the singer First took to the streets, performing songs of the band Queen. Freddie mercury was his idol. Professional career began in 1981 in the Duo Wham!, blew up the charts in the world of show business and laid, in fact, the trend of the super-popular boy bands for decades to come. His real Greek name yorgos Kyriakos Panayiotou, but for the audience it was difficult memorable combination. “I always knew that I would have to change the name — remembered as George, but has already begun the release of “Wham Rap!”, and I still haven’t picked an alias. So about 20,000 copies of that first release came out with the signature “George Panayiotou” on the cover. At this point, I realized that it’s time to decide. Once I was sitting in the living room by friend David and said to him: “I like your dad’s name, Michael Mortimer”. So I turned into George Michael. Is the name easy to pronounce, and I never had to renounce his Greek origin completely.” Subsequently, he developed and nicknames: Yogi (the so-called his only close friends), TLTI (That Legend That Is/ “the legend” — so teased him a colleague from Wham! Andrew Ridgley); even a Greek, Bladder, Bashful and Dandy (the so-called star foreign journalists). Last categorically didn’t like Michael.

After the dissolution of the Duo in 1986, the creative life of George Michael hanging in the balance, he continued to work solo, not confident that will be able to repeat the crazy success of the pop Duo. But fate and the audience was supportive of the young talent they received it with open arms. George reciprocated by revealing to the world new facets of his talent. An enthusiastic critic wrote that the breakup of Wham! went only for the benefit of the original artist and the singer.

His story confirms the popular expression, “a smarter life”: the dream of becoming a Navigator long-haul flights prevented of vision problems, and he plunged into music, not knowing that he had found his lucky star. In the childhood was engaged in playing the violin, and then moved to vocals. One of his teachers was Hellen Channel, who also taught such well-known musicians like Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Shirley Bassey. In his youth, George was also able to take a few lessons in vocal and arrangement from the famous Stevie wonder.

He always was a talented inventor and conceptualist. On the cover of his first solo album Faith, which has sold 16 million copies and became the biggest selling disc in the U.S., he painted in the lower left corner of five symbols, which stands for “faith”, “music”, “money”, “religion” and “love.” These five things he called the main in life. With this work he became the first white singer whose album topped the Billboard “black” funk music.

George Michael were often ahead of the rest. To Wham!, for example, no Western band had not performed in Communist China. The Duo arrived there in 1985, and George and Andrew in all seriousness suggested to pay the fee of bicycles because foreign currency to take out of China then was impossible. This visit was a sensation in all the world’s media.

None of European artists until Michael sang a duet with Queen of soul Aretha Franklin, they released a single I Knew You Were Waiting. The actor also opened during his 25 Live Stadium Tour updated Wembley stadium in London — one of the most legendary venues of the world — and became the first pop star, who gave a solo concert on the stage of the Paris Opera, where he presented his latest album Symphonica in 2014 the Last 20 years, George Michael was considered the most popular performer on the British radio, his songs were broadcast even more evergreens by The Beatles. And although he, like Bob Dylan, has not got the Nobel prize in literature, after the release of the single “Shoot The Dog”, the musician was invited to give a lecture on “Satire in contemporary art” at Harvard University. Two Grammy awards, five MTV Awards statuettes and other awards “lacquered” portrait of a successful artist and musician.

In the last decade, George Michael slowed somewhat creative momentum, often appearing in the musical, and scandalous Chronicles: drugs, drunk driving… Although the huge scandal that erupted back in 1998, when George fell victim to the struggle of police of Los Angeles for morality and was arrested disguised as a gay man by a police agent during “harassment” in a public toilet, was for the artist, though a blow, but with a very positive personality and a creative result. The singer made a “forced” coming out, which, however, never regretted, and the motives of the incident have released a candid song Outside, which blew up the world charts.

Symphonica Album, released in 2014, has given many hope that the singer hasn’t said its last word in music. Alas…

Now the Internet is overwhelmed with emotional posts colleagues of George.

Elton John: “I am in deep shock. I lost a beloved friend, the kindest a great soul and brilliant artist. My heart goes out to his family and all his fans.”

Robbie Williams: “Oh, God, no… I love you, George. Rest in peace”.

Reggie Andrew (Wham!): “My heart is broken over the loss of a beloved friend. He will always love his family, friends, the world of music and the world in General.”

Madonna: “farewell, my friend! Another great entertainer has left us. Damn 2016…”.


Natalia MALAKHOVA, Arthur Gasparyan


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