Friday, December 16, 2016

Pamela Anderson has urged Muscovites to save the little whales Вести.Ru

Pamela Anderson came to Moscow to protect rare species of animals. American actress and model, decided to participate in the press conference dedicated to the work of the International Fund for animal welfare, and more — in a charity auction. That was exposed as lots?

closed dress neckline: Pamela Anderson dressed in the Kremlin so that nothing distracts her interlocutors-men from serious negotiations on the protection of animals.

“of Course we support your initiative to protect marine biodiversity and, I know this topic is Ms. Anderson’s care,” says special representative of the RF President on the issues of environmental activities, environment and transport Minister Sergei Ivanov.

the Star of “Baywatch” is taken to save the whales Beluga whales. Especially in the summer, go on an expedition to Solovki. The opportunity to keep her company became the main lot of the auction, which was held the day before. “For me it will be the trip of a lifetime – to see the Beluga whales, — admitted the actress. I don’t know how much we have seats available. But who wants to join me in July?”.

At the auction, the actress came in a much more revealing outfit than in the Kremlin, do not hesitate, showed photographers her beautiful form and fur jacket, of course, synthetic. I must say, it was, who set an example. On admission to the protection of animals every second socialite handed in closet with expensive furs.

the white whale – the world’s smallest whale, whose population is constantly decreasing, at auction and then was confused with the Beluga fish. Pamela Anderson, who serves on the Board of Directors of the Society for the protection of marine fauna, I had to indicate the error.

But even the neckline of Pamela Anderson could not make them invited to be generous to charity. All lots (and the picture, the pearls and the vase) went for the starting price. And the work of people’s artist of Russia Dmitri sandzhieva called “Winter evening on the ruble,” the overseas visitor had to buy the other there were no volunteers. The plot, however, she attracted wealthy owners have left the boring exotic pet.

the Zoodefender and vegetarian Pamela Anderson began much earlier than the famous TV series “Baywatch” in early youth, when she saw her father beheaded a wounded hunting deer. Since it combines the fight for animal rights and her career as an actress and model. Blonde with a big bust graced the cover of Playboy magazine half a dozen times — more than anyone else. Now Pamela Anderson is 49, but she continues to strip, as, for example, in Japanese mystical Thriller “the Human garden”. The secret of a perfect figure, says, the rejection of meat.


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