Monday, December 19, 2016

In “Yeltsin Centre” criticized the visit Mikhalkov – View

Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov, in fact, not called for “Yeltsin Centre”, as it failed on the second room to the main exhibition, said the Museum.

“Those who have not watched the live video feed from the Museum, can perceive the words of Director seriously. However, in fact, no “visiting the Museum”, in fact, was not. An uncompromising fighter against the “Yeltsin Centre” did not move beyond the second hall of the main exhibition. And all halls in the main Museum – eight”, the message reads “Yeltsin Center” in Facebook.

the report notes that Mikhalkov’s focusing all his attention on the eight-minute introductory film, “not noting, for example, other metaprogramming, which in different halls of the Museum 163″.

“to view all need eight and a half hours. That he wasn’t interested. Mikhalkov did not find time to read the documents, listen to testimonies of eyewitnesses, or at least to look carefully chronicled. Half of the time allotted for the Museum, he spent on the monologues designed for the accompanying camera. The scenario “visiting the Museum” turned out to be unsophisticated – the same “Besogon”, but in the interiors of the Museum of Yeltsin,” said a Museum staff.

representative of the “Yeltsin Centre” Elena Volkova has informed RIA “news” that, despite all this, the Museum is happy to visit Mikhalkov. “We are pleased that he visited (us). We welcome any visitors and biased, and unbiased. Well, to continue to participate in this debate makes no sense”, – said Volkov.

film Director Nikita Mikhalkov after visiting the “Yeltsin Centre” on Saturday in Yekaterinburg stated that it would speak more harshly about the social-political organization, if it has been there before.

Recall, the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov announced sharply negative assessment of programs located in Yekaterinburg “Yeltsin Centre”, saying that “in the centre there are daily injections of destruction of the consciousness of the people.” The Director called for a change of activity “at the Yeltsin Centre”, comparing his work with “poison”.

Naina Yeltsin, the widow of the first President of Russia, called the criticism directed against the Yekaterinburg “Yeltsin Centre” false accusations. In turn, in a letter to Naina Yeltsina Mikhalkov expressed regret about what had upset her with his statements. At the same time the Director urged her to greater objectivity in the development of programs “Yeltsin Centre”.

In the center commented on the criticism of the Director by comparing it with the position “I have not read Pasternak, but I condemn” and noting that the activity complies with Russian legislation. Deputy Executive Director of the “Yeltsin Centre”, the historian Nikita Sokolov said he intends to sue Mikhalkov for his remarks against the institution.

“Yeltsin Centre” is a public cultural and educational center, which opened in Yekaterinburg in 2015, with the participation of the Fund “of the Presidential center B. N. Yeltsin” in the quarter Yekaterinburg-city. In November 2015, “Yeltsin Centre” was visited by President Vladimir Putin.


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