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Tailwind Mikhalkov. Replica Of Nikolay Svanidze – Вести.Ru

Loud theme. It is connected with the name of famous film Director, people’s artist of Russia, the President of Fund of culture Nikita Mikhalkov.

He spoke at hearings in the Federation Council and lashed out at the Yekaterinburg “Yeltsin Centre”. Mikhalkov’s always criticizing everything “Yeltsin Centre”, but still he did it in the framework of its program “Besogon”, and now came out with this high parliamentary rostrum. He said that the kids at the center every day you get poison, there is the destruction of national consciousness of children. Finally, it is “a matter of national security”.

After that on the website “Yeltsin Centre” issued a statement of the widow of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Naina Yeltsin. Naina observes that Mikhalkov never was “Yeltsin Centre”. She says: “I remember, how Nikita Mikhalkov, was a confidant of Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 elections and then quite differently evaluated the reforms of the 90s and the contribution of Yeltsin’s team in building a new Russia. To be honest, I am very sad to write these words. I could not imagine that in 20 years he will easily renounce what he said and did.”

Nikita Mikhalkov responded to this statement with an open letter. He wrote that he deeply regretted that gave Naina a disappointment. He called that really helped Yeltsin during the 1996 elections, as in the time of Yeltsin there was no alternative, and that he, Mikhalkov, not knowing the whole tragedy of the situation. Finally, he does not want to defame the name of Boris Yeltsin, but at the same time can not agree with the biased ideological interpretation of our history.

The biased and ideologically-based interpretation of our history, “Yeltsin Centre” Mikhalkov has in mind the 8-minute animation, which begins with the exposition and performances at venues in the centre of a number of historians. And here Nikita in the first place mentions me. He mentions me in his speech in the Federation Council.

in General, I must say that mentioning someone’s name in a negative context always produces a definite impression. Here is a man, and a person level Mikhalkov, comes in the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and informs: “Dear senators, I bring to your attention that there is a Nikolai Svanidze, who denigrates our glorious history, it destroys the national identity of children and threatens national security.” Dear Nikita Sergeyevich, apparently, do not know the name of the man who is so in a certain way informs or, culturally speaking, according to authorities.

In a letter to Nikita Naina Iosifovna no sincere, truthful words. He says he’s sorry he upset her. How sweet! How gallant! Presumably, Khrushchev wanted to please the widow of the first President of Russia. He had no time to call in “Yeltsin Centre”. To Ekaterinburg at the plane for two hour flight. After all has been done on this subject already four furious transfer, and even call in with a report in the Federation Council.

he helped Yeltsin in 1996, because he had no alternatives, but you see, he didn’t know in what position the country. Why Mikhalkov didn’t know in ‘ 96? Everyone knew, but Oh no? On the cloud live? How like him! And the alternative was very clear – Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov. What’s the alternative? Nikita is now very similar views on history and politics, and Yeltsin. What, then, is so strongly supported not him, but Boris? What, then, is so lovingly and gratefully smiled Yeltsin, when he was awarded the Order for merits before Fatherland of III degree? Tell me why? Yes, because Boris Yeltsin was in power. And why now Mikhalkov believes that it is possible to spoil his memory? Because Boris is not in power, and alive it is not.

can’t imagine that when he faithfully ate the eyes of Yeltsin, he excitedly praised the bloody maniac Ivan the terrible. By the way, about the terrible. Nikita accuses me of slandering him in a bright image. I once brought a well-known fact, which implies that it is likely the terrible came into connection with the men. Mikhalkov it made such a powerful impression that he even shared it with members of the Federation Council. “Svanidze said that Ivan was a homosexual!”. It indicates a very superficial acquaintance Mikhalkov a topic of discussion because of suspicion, not only in the homosexuality and bisexuality of Tsar Ivan, was expressed long before me. Sorry, that’s common place. Although we, as they say, not for love of Ivan the terrible. Interestingly, the sexual orientation of Grozny was struck by Mikhalkov greater than all of his terrible acts together. That is what his people killed a lot, the Livonian war was lost, the country ruined, it’s al l okay, it’s the scale of the individual. And that’s what Fedka Basmanov frolicking is not good, even as the power of shame. But blame me, and the more “Yeltsin Centre” that Ivan was such a rich personal life? And what here is a threat to national security? Mikhalkov cares about the children? And I do not believe. Children should be taught to be good, and he Ivan the terrible’s praises.

And the last. Assistants picked up Nikita quote from Karamzin. Please respect the great Russian historian and philologist, he is just now celebrated its 250th anniversary. Nikita, read it carefully. Themselves, personally. A good, intelligent quote. It only confirms my position, not yours.

But another puncture. Mikhalkov in debate with me missing, he thought, the trump argument: that I in 1975 he joined the Communist party and was for many years a member. And then reborn and, like a complete opportunist, began to blame the Soviet government. The fact that I have not joined the Communist party nor in 1975 when I was 20-the summer student of the history Department of MSU, in any other year. Many very good people engaged, such were the rules of the game. And my mother-in-law wanted me to come, but somehow it is not set.

Nikita, tell your editors: if Ivan the terrible was bisexual, it does not follow that Svanidze was a Communist. I have not changed my views. I always thought unseemly groveling to lick the bosses in any relation to it.

You are a talented artist, Nikita. Play. Creative You success! Tailwind do not want. He’s always passing wherever it was blowing.


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