Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hermitage found lost after the Second world sculpture from the Berlin Museum Lenta.ru

In the vaults of the Hermitage, discovered a Roman sculpture from the Berlin museums, who was considered lost since the Second world war. The exhibit was included in the inventory in 1946 with the wrong labeling, reports TASS on Tuesday, December 27.

“Lost in the war, the sculpture “Victoria Calvatone” of the Ancient collections of the State museums of Berlin, which until 1939 was in the Old Museum on the Museum island in Berlin, was the research again discovered in Russia”, — said the press service of the Hermitage. The Museum agreed with our colleagues from the Berlin museums on a joint study of sculpture.

Since 1946, the statue was listed in the special Fund of the Hermitage as the French sculpture of the seventeenth century. “As a result of working with archival materials and on the basis of technical and technological expertise of Russian specialists were able to determine the origin of the object among the displaced cultural valuables, entered from the museums of Berlin” — said the representatives of the Hermitage.

“Victoria Calvatone” — a sculpture of the Roman Empire. Gilded bronze statue with a height of 170 centimeters depicts dancing on the sky goddess. According to the inscription on the ball, it was installed during the reign of the emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Faith (161-169).


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