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Mikhalkov was sorry he hadn’t visited the “Yeltsin Center” before: otherwise he would be talking about it even harder –

“Yeltsin Centre” was opened in Yekaterinburg in November 2015. Its opening was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, famous politicians and cultural figures
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the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov expressed regret that the visited “Yeltsin” in Yekaterinburg last Saturday. Otherwise, according to him, spoke about him earlier and harder. As reported by Interfax, the Director said, speaking on Monday in the Federation Council at the meeting of Council for questions of intellectual property.

Previously Mikhalkov lashed out at the Museum, which aroused a outrage the widow of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsin. While Mikhalkov admitted that he was in the Museum of conclusions made on the basis of the programs of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov.

during the visit, “Yeltsin Centre” Director, according to his confession, has not changed his opinion about him, particularly on the demonstrated historical cartoon. “If this is respected the history of the country, it is a lie,” – said Mikhalkov during a visit to “the Yeltsin Centre”. He complained that the film instills in youth nor love for their country, no respect for their ancestors and their past.

the Director expressed surprise that in the video there is no one hero, “you were proud of in the centuries the country – Alexander Nevsky no, no Suvorov or Kutuzov or Pushkin.” Nikita Mikhalkov suggested to remake the cartoon, “if it does”. “I agree that you can not put the history of the country in an eight-minute cartoon. And put everything that represents the desecration of the air from the point of view of historical events. But I’m not going to write a script for a cartoon, it should be done by specialists,” – said the Director of “Interfax” on Monday.

the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers also noted that it is impossible to build all the exposure only on the opinions of people who share a “very definite views”.

Mikhalkov 9 December during the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council criticized the “Yeltsin Centre”, which, according to him, “every day is a injection of the destruction of national identity of the people,” and proposed to change the nature of its activities. He believes that it is necessary “to separate the wheat from the chaff and look at the activities of the centre through the eyes of people who do not want to denigrate the name of Boris Yeltsin, but at the same time can not agree with the biased and ideologically-based interpretation of our history.”

the Director has explained “to Interfax” that it is necessary to assemble a team professionals – historians, political scientists and specialists that need, analyzing the whole exposition, the exhibits and activities of the Museum, to make her own edits, if it deems it necessary.

Naina Yeltsin said, was “deeply outraged” by the statements Mikhalkov. She called his remarks about the “lies and insults”.

After that, December 12 the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev invited Mikhalkov to attend the exposition.

“Yeltsin Centre” decided to stop the debate Mikhalkov

“Yeltsin Centre” do not intend to comment on the statements of Nikita Mikhalkov about the Museum. “We have placed the so-called PostScript to his visit. More we will not participate in this conversation,” – said to “Interfax” on Monday the representative of the “Yeltsin Centre” Elena Volkova in response to a request to comment on recent statements by the Director.

“Yeltsin Centre”, placed after a visit Mikhalkov, said that the Director half the time allotted for the examination, spent his accompanying monologues in front of the camera.

“No “visiting the Museum”, in fact, was not. An uncompromising fighter against the “Yeltsin Centre” did not move beyond the second hall of the main exhibition. And all halls in the main Museum – eight,” – noted in the Museum.

prior To this the management of “Yeltsin Centre” have declared that do not intend to edit or remove from display a video on the history of Russia, criticized Mikhalkov. As reported by TASS Deputy Executive Director of the “Yeltsin Centre” Lyudmila Telen, the problem of video – to create in art form historical essay on the theme of relations between society and power in Russia throughout its history.

“Yeltsin Centre” was opened in Yekaterinburg in November 2015. On its opening was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, famous politicians and cultural figures.


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