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On the 83rd year died the actor of theatre and cinema Vyacheslav Shalevich – Culture TV

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On the 83rd year died the actor of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of Russia Vyacheslav Shalevich. “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, “Red square”, “Seventeen moments of spring”, “Love old man” and even more than seventy roles in films where he played every time in completely different ways, but always with talent! And, of course, the theatre is home to more than half a century.

Grew up on the Arbat, Vyacheslav Shalevich since childhood dreamed of the Vakhtangov Theatre. In 1958, the dream became a reality, and the most memorable – role in the “konarmia” by Babel. Brutal appearance and fascinating voice with huskiness. The Shalevich was on the shoulder all genres – from tragedy to vaudeville, but fate rarely gave him positive roles. To him, it’s like stuck the label of “bad guy”. So it happened with the first role in the movie is a textbook negative Sabrina. Shalevich and he fell in the negative role. He liked that they all could. Another gift – the film “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, which was turned to the Soviet audience. And again – negative charm Shalevich in action.

In the late 1990s, he headed the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Rubena Simonov, when the theatre was almost shut down. Vyacheslav Shalevich was recognized that the role of the artistic Director it was the most difficult. He led the Simon Theatre until 2011.

Shalevich called himself a happy man. At the time, studied with great masters, and then passed on their traditions to the young. Until the last days he went on stage Vakhtangov Theater, always following our credo is to bring people joy.

“Glory, says the people’s artist of Russia Natalia Selezneva, the most important thing in his life was the Vakhtangov theatre. He was endlessly loyal and played in it until the last day of his life. It was such a dedication, such energy, such a temperament, this belief in the given circumstances, that he was considered one of the best artists of the theater”.

“the memory is still absolutely radiant, with a terrific sense of humor man, rowdy, improvising, absolutely, in my opinion, in love with all women around, – says people’s artist of Russia Maria Aronova. – He was, of course, starshno to say had some light in the theater.”

the Last performance with the participation of Vyacheslav Shalevich has become “the haven” – directed by Rimas Tuminas, which was dream come true coryphaeuses of theatre of unplayed roles. For an actor, this role was Galileo Galilei. The viewer is not seen on stage Shalevich is transported on a special platform. He because of illness to go could not. But surrender was not in its rules.

“of Course, “Marina” goes, the Marina are all waiting for, but I don’t think not going to replace. This exclusive was work more. Worked on “the Miserly knight” by Pushkin, but came to Galilee. It is a mystery thinker-man, but thin and with humor, understanding space, where it is, and what he wants. And the only one who played in “the Marina”, he missed only one play. I don’t know how to deal with “Jetty”. Don’t know how to say it: he’s gone, gone, left us,” says Rimas Tuminas.

In recent years Shalevich lived in a country house, finally having decided to move from your favorite city. When there was sickness, to the last hoped that he will recover. But the miracle did not happen.

the place and time of farewell to Vyacheslav Shalevich will be announced later. The memory of Vyacheslav Shalevich 22 Dec 20:05 on our channel will show the documentary series “lifeline”.

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