Saturday, December 31, 2016

Network is battle fans Antoniuk and Panayotov – REN TV

the Network has clashed in verbal battles fans of the young singer Daria Antonyuk and already famous Russian singer Alexander Panayotov.

In the final for the first place in music shows, it fought was Alexander Panayotov, Kairat Primordial and Sardor Milano. However, the audience voted for the young performer.

the blogger was divided in two. First think Antonyuk deserved the win, calling her a great singer and congratulating the first place.

“Daria, congratulations. You are the best” – wrote one of the fans of girls

“the Voice you are gorgeous and you are a true artist. A worthy victory,” said another fan Darya.

In turn, fans Panayotov claimed that he was to be the winner and the first place, given Antonyuk, is a surprise.

“I’m shocked, though that’s an understatement. How could this happen? It was obvious that Sasha will win,” written by a fan of the singer.

“the Unexpected victory. Believe Panayotov had to win,” added another blogger.


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