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Not a Princess but a Queen! Died actress Carrie Fisher, famous Leia from “Star wars” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Carrie Fisher was an actress of one role, although successful performance in the romantic Comedy “When Harry met Sally” (1989), and in the musical “the Blues Brothers” (1980), and even in the drama woody Allen’s “Hannah and his sisters” (1990), not to mention the numerous guest appearances in the TV series “Sex and the city”, “the big Bang Theory” and many others. But, of course, all these onscreen appearance could not fade before the role became her trademark.

In the United States died performer of the role of Princess Leia.

successor of the “Royal” Hollywood names, the future Princess Leia wasn’t too dreamed of becoming an actor. The daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds (their marriage is cracked at the seams when Fisher cheated on his wife Elizabeth with the Taylor – Carrie was only 2 years, she didn’t speak with his father almost until his death in 2010), she has often said I was born in the beam of light. All the UPS and downs of her professional and personal life, is directly associated with Hollywood, was considered the world under a magnifying glass. So Fisher never hid from the world what to hide is meaningless: her psychological problems, as the drug craze, and so would know…

Watching the actor’s fate of his mother, whose career is completely dependent on the father, and to a large extent ended with the divorce, Carrie wanted the same fate. But it is not known to go – and Fisher debuted in the theater at age 15, appearing with her mother in 1973 in the Broadway play “Irene”, and two years later starred in the hit Comedy “Shampoo” along with superstars Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie hawn. But universal glory, which determined ultimately the fate of the actress, found Carrie Fisher in 1977, when George Lucas offered her a role she could not refuse. Since Carrie is more familiar to the population of the planet is not under your name, like Princess Leia from “Star wars”. The young actress, as usual, it was difficult to move fallen on her the glory of the most popular trilogy in movie history. Hence, all mentioned problems with mental (and not only) health. In 1987, Fisher was the author of the autobiographical novel “Postcards from the edge”, which quickly became a bestseller, after which rights to the film version I bought one of the best American filmmakers of the 1960-80s Mike Nichols.

Star wars 5. A deleted scene with Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher.

Carrie herself wrote the script for this film, in which her alter-ego was played by Meryl Streep herself (of course, nominated for this role on “Oscar”), which, let’s face it, was a few heads higher than her, as an actress. Hollywood mother Fisher played equally gorgeous Shirley McLane. Fisher was a very good writer and even found a second profession – she became a “script doctor”, perepisyvaemym for big money scripts by other authors. In 2008, the year she published another autobiographical novel, “a Welcome drink”, which had been based on her eponymous solo performance. Recently published another book, entitled “Princess diaries”, dedicated to the years of filming in “Star wars”. Just a month ago, Fisher told the world that during the filming of the first series of “Star wars” she had three-month affair with her partner on the film, Harrison Ford, which of course, was married. “During the working week we were Han and Leia, but at weekends he turned to Carrie and Harrison” – confessed old actress.

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford on the set of “Star wars” in 1980Photo: EAST NEWS

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In the United States died performer of the role of Princess Leia

United States at the age of 60 years, actress Carrie Fisher. This was reported by her family members.

Earlier, the actress was hospitalized due to a heart attack. It occurred on Board the aircraft when Fisher flew from London LosA.. First aid was provided on Board the medic, and after landing she was taken to the hospital Los Angeles (details)

“a Night in three months”: Shortly before the death of Carrie Fisher wrote a book about her affair with Harrison Ford

Shortly before the tragic events of 60-year-old Carrie Fisher has visited the show Today, where he spoke about the fact that soon will be released a very interesting book called “the Princess keeps a diary”. After all, who but Princess Leia was worthy of writing such a book? (details)

Audition Carrie Fisher for the role of Princess Leia.

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