Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This is a war? Jealous Rihanna unsubscribed from Jay Lo for women

a short time Later after breaking up 28-year-old Rihanna and 30-year-old Drake appeared in the media rumors about his romance with 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez. Recently the Internet users have noticed that Riri unsubscribed from my close friend in Instagram.

Drake and Rihanna were together for more than one year. The rapper has even publicly confessed his love to his sweetheart during the awards ceremony MTV VMA. And later the pair made the same tattoo in the form of sharks. However, in November it became known that a celebrity had decided to leave without giving any reasons.

Shortly after the breakup in the media rumors that Drake and close friend of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez does not bind friendships.

Riri, apparently, these rumors did not like, and she unsubscribed from Jennifer that immediately noticed fans of both singers. However, some users believe that between j-Lo and Drake’s nothing there, and the romance rumors are just advertising their new songs together.

Apparently, Lopez noticed that Rihanna has ceased to be her followers and posted another photo with the rapper, after which the fans even more fiercely arguing about what’s going on between Drake and Jennifer.


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