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The last role of Vyacheslav Shalevich was Galileo Galilei.

Vyacheslav Shalevich played Galileo when he became ill. Doctors determined: convulsive symptom. He was taken from the theater to the hospital. In the ICU he went into a coma. “Life of Galileo” – one of the subjects of the Vakhtangov production “the haven” – was broken suddenly. Death is always sudden, it no-one is.

the Actor Vyacheslav Shalevich was 82 years old. His hero, Galileo, lived less than five years. Scientist, followed the course of the stars, was ordered by the Inquisition to keep quiet about the fact that he obviously heliocentric the universe, and the Earth still turns. Galileo was able to cheat with the tenets and keep himself free internally. Who knows whether it is necessary to look for some kind of sign and meaning in the coincidence, but all accidents are not accidental. Galileo was the last role of the great actor, one of the legends of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

Shalevich had a lot of roles. He was one of the main characters in the brand Vakhtangov’s “Turandot.” In the movie, he was Sabrinam of “the Captain’s daughter”, was the husband of the heroine of “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, was Allen DULLES in “Seventeen moments of spring”. Was pan a poet in the most popular once the TV tavern “13 chairs”.

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the biography of his turbulent swirling funnel. Outwardly smooth, and the inside – entirely vortices. The son of a white officer who became a General of the NKVD, he grew up without a father, thought he was dead, and met him suddenly in 72-m to year. He finished the Shchukin school in 1958 and since then life has played at the Vakhtangov theater. Even when he headed the Theatre. Ruben Simonov (more than ten years, until 2011). He was loved, he was four times married, wife Tatiana were younger than 35 years. It was a sea of charm. And he was the voice – soulful. Hoarsely.

Probably, he is not very lucky – it has not been like this here most the only, the most significant role. And yet he is left – unique and great actor. A comet in the heavens. Whatever it was, but he had always known, like Galileo, his secret bright truth – it was read by the audience. And yet it moves. And yet…

a Further silence.

Just a few quotes from an interview with Vyacheslav Shalevich different editions in different years.

About the negative characters, which had to play most often

“May have influenced my film debut – in Shvabrin of “the Captain’s daughter”, which I played a fourth year student of the school named Shchukin. In General, it is certainly not “negativity” of characters – much worse it would be if I was in them again. I’ve always liked the originality, the life reliability of the images. In fact, as I create them, my attitude to them. In “the Sixth of July” tried to play as honestly as you can – that demanded a documentary style of directing. In “Three poplars at Plyushchikha” in a few short episodes it is necessary to show the change of person from the sincere guy, the first guy in the village to man the selfish and limited… to Expose your character, such “power”, attractive in appearance, and in fact, insidious and morally unscrupulous, had a job in the TV movie “My street” in the famous play by I. Shtok “Leningrad prospect 221;. This is exactly what I sought in the role of former CIA chief Allen DULLES in the television movie “Seventeen moments of spring” directed by T. Lioznova.

it Is difficult to simultaneously play and play on stage, but it’s nothing compared to the joy that is given interesting roles. Because they drop so rarely.”

About the school life in the evacuation of the war years in Saratov boarding school

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“it education for children (when teenagers themselves are), in my opinion, the most severe. Gave me there’s pea soup, and I was spoiled and said aloud: “do Not like this soup." Next guy was sitting, nodded, “Give me." But I still was hungry, he ate. And after two months all the food he gave, did not eat anything, not would – not be good… Later he forgave me for what is not given".

About the voice and Brezhnev

“the voice of Brezhnev, say, similar? Well, I played Leonid Brezhnev in the Vakhtangov Theatre. A huge role. You know, he is a great man of letters was: “Small earth", “Rebirth" – according to him, it was staged. Once the artist decided to pin up: “You play Brezhnev? I have not seen". I to him: “The funny thing is that he did not have time".

Of a Comedy role with which the actor is not carried

“In the play Champagne" in the “Blue book" Zoshchenko in one of the novels main character (me, that is) disguised in woman. Clean draw. One proves that a woman deprived of the material basis, always wrong. The other says the opposite… But that’s my only dressing up in a lady, other case no. I like Comedy, but they do not always succeed. And in the movie the comedian is almost argued: “No, Vyacheslav, you’re not oblique and not droopy ears!"

About the meaning of silence

“Previously, the artist had to talk on stage, and the audience was watching him, the pause with open mouths. Where are the artists today?"

About, what was important continuity in art

“the Role of artistic Director is the most difficult. I agreed to it, honestly, just due to the fact that the theater bears the name of Ruben Simonov, my godfather “in the theater." Now in Moscow there are no theaters Tairov, Goncharova, theater, and the name of Ruben Simonov still sounds in the posters… I do support the idea that successful people valued their teachers, and well used, if often talked about them. I remember that Ruben Nikolaevich with the word “but" always – wherever he was – stood at attention. Art will end if you end this continuity, it must be in the soul and in nature, in dignity.”

About the formula of love

“No formula love I have. If it occurs, I wish that it never ended and is not damped. Sometimes I sit, looking at his wife Tanya, and she said, “What are you looking at?”, and I said, “Like it!”.

Of what it’s like to be a father at 70 years

“It’s an incredible feeling of happiness. We have Anya was born in the summer. When I arrived at the theatre and at the opening of the season colleagues learned that my daughter was born, everyone was in a state of shock. Looked at me with incredible fear.”


“One day in some city I ran up to one amazing woman: “Oh, Hello! You are my favorite artist! I thought you died!” Normally, of course. This is our spontaneity. It’s wonderful.”


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