Thursday, December 15, 2016

Star wars: Rogue one – Interfax

Moscow. 15 Dec. INTERFAX.RU IN the Russian rolling out a spin-off of “Star wars” “Rogue one” is the second picture, taken after the Disney announcement of plans to extend the Saga for another trilogy.

to Guess the events of “Outcast” for anyone who is at least in General terms familiar with the history of the galaxy far, far away, before viewing will not present special difficulties. The film, which takes place before “Episode IV: a New hope”, tells the story of how the rebel Alliance got the blueprints, you need to destroy the “death Star”, built an Empire battle station capable of blowing up entire planets (if you read this sentence, understood it all, likely these explanations you didn’t need). The main heroine of the picture – the smuggler Jean ERSO (felicity Jones), whose father (Mads Mikkelsen) under the pressure of the Empire, and designed a “death Star”, decides to go looking for him after from him with Imperial pilot-defector (riz Ahmed) comes the news – the first for many years. In search of her accompanied by the captain of the Alliance (Diego Luna), the hapless Imperial droid enforcer, after flashing a new employee to the rebels, convinced in the existence of the power of the blind monk (Jiang Wen) and a few characters different degree then they were. What they need to do, as usual, it is impossible (or, as the captured droid, “very unlikely”).

Frankly, the filmmakers had only two hours to turn the subtitles “Star wars” under the main theme song, and fans of the Saga would still be ecstatic. About how strong fan love for “Star wars” shows at least that each time the screen appeared the familiar characters (who, let it remain a secret, there must be some intrigue), in the hall heard applause.

I Think the Director Gareth Edwards in some way, and took the path of least resistance: a story of conflict so familiar that surprising presence among the writers of four other people other than George Lucas. Of his films in “the Outcast” has passed and the search for long-lost relatives, and sentiments about the courage and hope that works wonders. But unlike the good old “Stars wars”, the “Outcast one” it does not work. It may be the case in the Russian dubbing, but all the dialogues seem to be filled with excessive pathos (and the film’s tagline – “a rebellion with the hope in the heart” too). In one moment even it seems that it’s a lack of fire largely determined the final picture.

These are expected to compensate for the visual part: the vastness of space, which is going to be shown on the big screen, unlike one on another planet, dear to the heart of the attrition of weapons, clothing and vehicles rebel against the sterile order of space stations of the Empire, and of course outlandish representatives of various space races – all of these is churning out soul sounds of joy (unprompted developing in the same melodies John Towner Williams).

And that’s the paradox of the “Outcast one” – for all its faults (frankly, fatal), it still does not work at all not to love. Just remember how long did not leave the audience after the show and what a joyful and enthusiastic persons abused his last words, when they still drove at will.

Kate Zagvozdkina


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