Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Kremlin urged not to make generalizing statements about “censorship” in culture – a Look

it is Unfair to make generalized statements about censorship in Russian art, is “the gathering of clouds” in Russia there is no such, said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, noting that it is necessary not to forget about the responsibility of artists.

Peskov said that “it is impossible to be silent about the responsibility of artists, which use, for example, public money in the film, when creating any work,” reports RIA “Novosti”.

Responsibility in this situation should bear both sides, said Peskov.

In interview to TV channel “Russia 24″ Peskov said that the Kremlin believes this discussion has been exhausted. “Too much has already been said on this subject,” he added.

the Debate about freedom of speech in Russia was resumed after 24 October at the VII Congress of the Union of theatre workers of Russia Konstantin Raikin made a sharp speech against censorship in art and the public against organizations that attempt to control people in the arts from the point of view of morality. In response, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called Russian theatres the freest since the days of Ancient Greece.

In particular, this topic was discussed at a meeting of first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko hydrocam the biggest theatres of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

during the meeting the art Director of theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov said that state censorship in Russia. According to him, is “unfortunate moments when activists, under the guise of religious values, commit hooligan manifestations in relation to specific exhibitions, performances or movies.” “The disturbing moments are there, and we tried to convey them in a conversation that we had with (the first Deputy head of the presidential administration), Sergei Kiriyenko,” – said Zakharov.

people’s artist of the USSR, artistic Director of two theatres – the Moscow art theatre Chekhov and his own – Oleg Tabakov admitted that “we really came characters who try to dictate to artists what they should do. Dictate sometimes in an unacceptably aggressive manner.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, filling the message to the Federal Assembly, said that in culture and in public life nobody can prevent freedom of thought and the right to openly Express their position in matters of politics and Economics.


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