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Favorite hits of George Michael – Days.Ru

Last night at the age of 53 years died a famous British singer George Michael. The iconic singer died at his home. Police arrived on the scene found no signs of violent death of the singer. According to his Manager, the cause of the tragedy was a heart attack. Dni.Ru I suggest to remember George the way to glory and to hear his most famous composition.

He was born in London into a family of Greek Cypriots, and therefore at birth was given the Greek name is Giorgos, Kyriakos Panayiotou. His musical career began at 18 when, together with school friend Michael formed a band called the Executives. The team was not successful, but George did not stop.

the Whole world knew about him as a member of the musical group Wham. Shocking “major” the way the boys or, as they called themselves, “the rich bloods” did the trick. The group became famous with the appearance of the first compositions.

Despite the unprecedented commercial success and the first in all the charts, Wham did not last long. Already in 1986 the band announced its breakup. George Michael began his solo career. Soon he will get the award “Grammy”. In 1987, for best R&B duet with the incomparable Aretha Franklin.

After a couple of years waiting for his award for best album. Which, incidentally, was the debut of his career. Faith and today is recognized as one of the best-selling records worldwide.

Music critics in one voice say that the second album is much less popular. But fans of Michael do not get tired to argue. In fact, this collection gave a true hit for all times – Freedom.

Together with Elton John they wrote the legendary Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, due to which the popularity of George had risen to unprecedented heights. He and John often played the song for many years.

Until 1996, came the so-called break in his career. This was due to the litigation with Sony. George presented the firm’s management of complaints about the sales of his album – say, Sony has invested enough money in the PR campaign and advertising. However, the trial was delayed for a long time. In result, George lost.

this time he goes on tour, participates in joint projects with other popular musicians. After a speech at the concert in memory of Freddie mercury, the producers of the band Queen asked him to become the frontman of the band. Oddly, George refused.

the Third album Older was enthusiastically received in Europe. Songs George Michael traditionally broke all possible records the leading music ratings. Fans waiting for the singer, which, by the way, I will not say about the American fans. Sales of the third album in the US left much to be desired.

In 2005 took place the premiere of the documentary George Michael: A Different Story. Writer and producer of the project made the singer.

Four years ago, he literally got out from the world. Pneumonia and resulting complications considerably undermined the health of George. As it became known later, the legendary performer could ever lose their vote. This side effect often makes use of the device for ventilation. Having recovered, he wrote a song dedicated to the time spent in the hospital. Subsequently, he will perform White Light at the close of the 30 summer Olympic games.

Album of his hits Twenty Five was released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of creative activity and has broken all sales records. This year the singer could mark the 35th anniversary of his solo career. The death of George Michael is a huge loss for the world.


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