Thursday, December 15, 2016

The General Director of the Kremlin museums, believes the decision of the Amsterdam court of Scythian gold grounded – tvnz

Director General of Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Gagarin considers well founded the decision of the district court of Amsterdam on the transfer of Scythian gold from the Crimean museums to the Ukrainian side.

“In this situation it is very important to understand that the whole Museum Fund – is a property of the state, not the property of a single Museum or other cultural institution. Therefore, in this case, when the items were taken from the territory of the Ukraine and belonged to the Ukraine as a state, this solution seems to me quite reasonable,” — said Gagarin.

She noted that while compliance with international law is possible to further cultural exchange, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier the lawyer of the Collegium of advocates, protecting the interests of the Crimean museums, said that cultural institutions are planning to appeal the decision.


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