Saturday, December 31, 2016

The personal drama of Alexander Panayotov on “the Voice” Days.Ru

On the fateful match at the prestigious music competitions, the singer always becomes the second. But fans with such a situation do not agree.

In the finale of the fifth season of the super group “the Voice” on the evening of 30 December in a live broadcast on the First channel, was named “Best voice of the country”. The winner of the audience vote was Daria Antonyuk from the Krasnoyarsk territory. For many it was a surprise – among the favorites of the project included only the Sardor Milano and Alexander Panayotov. And Alexander was the leader in all totalizator.

Darya in the end, a few percent ahead of Panayotov. He seemed barely restrained, not to cry, because he began to congratulate before the announcement of the results. Late at night, when the dust settled and emotions have not raged, Panayotov shared his thoughts: “It was very exciting and musically with all hands. It was hard to decide on this step, go on “the Voice.” But I do not regret a single second. If someone had told me that someday I’ll sing a song of the great George Michael, December 30, in Prime time, on the Ground, in connection with his sudden departure – I would not have believed. And I never pondered on this. Because his VOICE, his MUSIC, his SOUL mirroring is forever imprinted in my music, in my soul, in my heart. The winners, as it turned out, in this contest, no. There are just phenomenon, as a fact. Thank you all for the support.”

When the summer Panayotov came to the casting of this project, all agreed that he is a “thug”. “I’m on a General basis applied – told artist. – Stood with numbers on his chest in an hours-long queues, was held together with all the strict multilevel selection wanting to get to the blind auditions. The other contenders, spotting me in the queue were perplexed and asked what I was doing there. Many thought that I’ll be one of the mentors. Frankly, I was surprised that I was even allowed to participate in the project as “the First channel” does not like artists, appeared in other shows the competition for the airwaves.”

the fact. in 2003, Alexander participated in reality show “people’s artist” and, as in the case of “Voice” in the finale was the second. “Since my participation in the TV project channel “Russia” it has been 13 years. During this time a whole generation that not only remembers, but doesn’t even know there was such a contest and who became its prize-winner, – confessed Alexander. – Here and I wanted to remind you about yourself.”

to Remind him, of course, failed. For example, after participating in the “Voice” has grown considerably it fees. “We have a pretty tight schedule. All Fridays in December have been busy filming “the Voice,” so from corporate speeches refused. But on other days, 40-minute speech Sasha is 600 thousand rubles “under minus” and 700 thousand with live musicians. Outlet new year’s eve will cost 800 thousand “under minus” and one million musicians. We now can say, like hot cakes, which makes me very happy”, – told reporters the official representative Panayotov.

Gregory Leps, who was the mentor of the artist, Panayotov will continue to work. Alexander is already actively involved in many activities of the production center of the Leps, and that, in turn, is ready to make talented singer tempting offer, and regardless that the first place in the “Voice” he hasn’t got. And in March, Alexander will give the first big solo concert in the huge “Crocus city Hall”. The name of the program symbolically – “Invincible.”


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