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“Outlaw-single” expanded universe “Star wars” – the Independent newspaper

a New film franchise – about how it all began

movie premiere, star wars, outlaw, Garrett Edwards the New droid is not inferior in charm “colleagues”, and even exceed, the level of sarcasticness. Still from the film

In the Russian hire leaves “the Outcast one. Star wars: Stories” – not a sequel but a spin-off, that is an offshoot of the fantastic Saga. Chronologically, the events of this movie Garrett Edwards (Godzilla, 2014) preceded by IV parts are a prequel to the original trilogy, explaining in detail how the rebels managed to take possession of the drawings of the “death Star”. Luke Skywalker met up with Obi-WAN never became a Jedi, but Anakin had already chosen the dark side and now called Darth Vader, which here will meet new characters in the performance of felicity Jones, Diego the moon, Mads Mikkelson, Reese Ahmed, forest Whitaker and Ben Mendelssohn.

Despite the lack of classic titles creeping up, location is still the same: “in a galaxy far far away” rebel Alliance frees from the captivity of a girl named Jean Erson (Jones). She is a valuable asset, as is the daughter of a chief Imperial architect Galen (Mikkelsen), at this point, the final work on the “death Star” weapon, capable of are known to destroy the planet with the push of a button. From time to time, no one suspects that Galen long been sympathetic to the Alliance and has designed his creation flawed – as reported by the daughter. The mission for the destruction of the architect, which is headed by the rebel captain Cassian (the Moon), droid pilot and Imperial defector (Ahmed), is transformed into an operation for the extraction of drawings of the “death Star”. Empire, meanwhile, does not sleep, especially as its army a new leader, someone in a black helmet, with a red sword and named Darth Vader.

Released last year, the seventh part of “Star wars” and praised, and scolded for profanatica nostalgic atmosphere. “Outlaw-single” is also not complete without a “wink” to the fans and jokes “for their” in the frame flashes and familiar locations, and well-known characters. What to say about heavy breathing of Vader, which is everything else also said, just like old times, the voice of James Earl Jones – let it not be heard in the Russian dubbing, but the fact remains. In addition to these purely formal details, a new movie possible in keeping with the spirit of the original Saga – heroes “Outcast”, like the heroes of Star wars, decide not only galactic but also family problems. And the relationship of the daughter of Jeanne Erson with father Galen – dreaming of the future tragic story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

However, a new face and new details well revive the Saga, frozen in anticipation of the release of episode VIII, who in the world are waiting with impatience and apprehension. “Outcast” give a break. Moreover, the level of conditionality here, and sometimes rolls over and reminds the Russian military movies of recent years – the lack of a coherent logic and causal relationships are known domestic audience, easy to replace heroic impulse. Sometimes funny, but not critical, given the common format and the film’s genre, its purpose and place in the “Star wars” – as they say, and will abide with them Power. No revelations and unrealistic expectations, just pure pleasure of watching a fantastic attraction, in which plenty of battle scenes and intimate conversations, and Hollywood stars.

From the Forrest Whittaker in the role of a semi-paralyzed leader of the rebels who gives uplifting speech from Shakespeare’s anguish, Ben Mendelsohn, who got the role of the villain and the white cloak, waving no less ominous than veyderovskiye black. Briton felicity Jones and Mexican Diego Luna, both in the unusual role – playing classic story “from hate to love.” The new droid is not inferior to the charm and heroism of the “colleagues” R2D2 and C-3PO, and even exceed, the level of sarcasticness.

“Rogue”, without giving, in fact, no new information, immerses the viewer deeper into the bowels of the universe, once invented by George Lucas. About the history of certain characters true fans surely would like to know a little more, and their new film – a kind of test of loyalty. For the rest – quality high-tech movie, with incredible image quality, which the creators of the original trilogy could only dream of, and obvious plot, which by and large any neophyte (we can not exclude the fact that the world there are people who saw “Star wars”) without a loss to start with Saga.


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