Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mikhalkov has not changed his opinion after visiting the “Yeltsin Centre” Yekaterinburg – TASS

YEKATERINBURG, December 17. /TASS/. Director Nikita Mikhalkov, who visited the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin in Yekaterinburg, has not changed his opinion about “Yeltsin Centre”. He, as before, criticized the video about the history of Russia.

“Tell me, which of these epochs I, as a Russian person would like to live? Neither Pushkin, nor Tolstoy, nor Block, nor the Czechs can’t be born in the country, which you just showed me is unreal”, – said Mikhalkov.

According to Director of “Yeltsin Centre” Dina Sorokina, the Director didn’t see the rest of the exposition, have not seen the most remarkable moments. “He clearly said that his opinion remains the same”, – said Sorokin.

Previously TASS reported that the leadership of the “Yeltsin Centre” does not intend to edit or remove from display a video on the history of Russia, which has criticized the Director Nikita Mikhalkov. According to the Deputy Executive Director of “Yeltsin Centre” Lyudmila Telen, the task of the video that visitors to the Museum look at the beginning of exposure, to create in art form historical essay on the theme of relations between society and power in Russia throughout its history.

co-author of the idea of the video historian Nikita Sokolov said earlier that the video really makes a strong impression on people. But only for those who are accustomed to the traditional structure of Russian history, established in 1811 by Nicholas Karamzin. He considers it quite natural that the contents of the animated film is not perceived supporters of the “history by Karamzin”.

the press office Director recalled that “the analysis of the permanent exhibition of the facts and distortion of Russian history in the Museum “Yeltsin Centre” Nikita Mikhalkov has devoted several editions of its author’s program “Besogon TV”.

the First issue was published in March of this year entitled “is There a way out of the historical labyrinth Yeltsin Centre” in which Mikhalkov examines in detail the exposition of the Museum and in particular the controversial animated video about the history of Russia. “The program Nikita Mikhalkov offers to ponder the question, the symbol of which is the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin,” – said the press service.

Speaking in December at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council, Nikita Mikhalkov returned to the theme of “Yeltsin Center,” noting that the Center’s programs give ideologized interpretation of history. “In his speech N. Mikhalkov called upon to make adjustments in the program, “Yeltsin Center,” emphasizing that it is a matter of national security, because every day hundreds of children and get distorted information about the history of their country,” – said the press service. The words of Mikhalkov has caused debate in society.

10 Dec Naina Yeltsin, in a statement, which was circulated by the “Yeltsin Centre”, called the statement Mikhalkov’s “lies and insults”.

“I am deeply outraged by the statements Mikhalkov. And not only because they are false, not having any relation to “Yeltsin Centre” nor to his activity. What is striking is that he for the past few months spreading lies about how the history of the country in the Museum of the first President of Russia did not hesitate to pull out of context the elements of the exposition, label it, and directly to insult people who in those years worked for the good of our country. However, he never was in Yeltsin!”, – said then Naina Yeltsin.

In response, the Director expressed his regret that upset Naina Yeltsin for his criticism of the “Yeltsin Center”


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