Sunday, December 25, 2016

Died Rick Parfitt – Merchant

On 69-m to year of life has died the guitarist of the British band Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt. Its author belonged to the most beautiful ballads of the group.

Status Quo — long-lived British rock, in this comparison, the even themselves The Rolling Stones. The founding members Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster met at school, their Union counts from 1962, that is, formally speaking, the Status Quo on the stage as much as the Rolling stones.

Guitarist Rick Parfitt met with Francis Rossi in 1965, when a group of Francis and Alan was still called The Spectres. Full member Parfitt began in 1967, when he quarreled with his sisters, with whom he played in the ensemble of The Highlights. Then the group began to perform under the name Status Quo. The first single released by Status Quo, was called “Pictures of Matchstick Men”, he was ranked in the UK chart in seventh place — an impressive result for very young people, which was not yet 20 years old.

63 songs Later the Status Quo was included in the list of the best songs of the Kingdom, 22 of them in the top ten. For the UK a record. Status Quo albums sold around the world with a total circulation of 118 million, according to the number of disks that were in the charts, the group is second only to The Rolling Stones. Besides the Status Quo 106 times played in the TV program Top Of The Pops, this is the Status Quo bypassed all my colleagues without exception.

If you don’t count the early experiments with psychedelics and hard rock, throughout his career, Status Quo played straight worker-peasant rock-n-roll with elements of Boogie-woogie and rhythm and Blues. Almost without change, they have passed the era of glam rock and “new wave”, and in 1980 was honored to open the legendary festival Live Aid, and joined the army of fans of listeners from Eastern Europe. After Live Aid Alan Lancaster left the group and went to live in Australia, and Rossi and Parfitt made an unexpected move: he recorded a cover version of the Dutch hit of 1981, “In The Army Now”. She ranked among the most successful hits near the Status Quo “Down Down” and “Rockin` All Over the World”. Among other things, the song came to Soviet disco and even on the national TV, which couldn’t find in the anti-war lyrics anything for her could be banned.

sounding raspevnye “In The Army Now” contrasted with what is usually recorded Status Quo, but its popularity across Europe to accelerate the group’s career and allowed her to move with a tour in the new territories. As so often happens with British rock classics, we have the Status Quo fell a little for something at home. Popularity in the USSR contributed to the ironic cover made by a disc jockey Sergei Minaev. The late 1980s — first half of the 1990s was marked by active concert activity Status Quo including on the territory of the former USSR, as well as final recognition for the Status Quo the status of classics in his native country.

In 1997, Rick Parfitt did heart surgery. However, even almost 20 years, he continued to serve with colleagues. In 2005 the guitarist suspected throat cancer, the group even had to cancel a few shows, but the alarm was false, and the triumphant March of the Status Quo in the stadiums and the charts continued. And in 2013 returned to the band, Alan Lancaster, and a trio of key participants in the Status Quo even recorded an entire album together. In October of this year, experiencing the effects of a heart attack, Rick Parfitt decided to stop playing with the group. In the coming months he hoped to record a solo album and to release a memoir. However, at the end of 2016, he suffered a shoulder injury, after which he went to the hospital in Spain and died there, according to press reports, a serious infection.

Boris Barabanov


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