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The winner of the show dancing with the stars, season 3, Mr Twitter told how to spend 3 000 000 –

23:03, 24 Dec 2016

Today on channel TNT has released the final release of the third season of the show “DANCING” — it became known the name of the winner. The title of the main dancer of the country and the prize of three million rubles were given to 24-year-old Dmitry Twitter from Kazakhstan. We talked with the winner and find out what he will spend money, how he sees himself in five years after the project, and freely if the heart of handsome.

— first of all, congratulations on winning the third season of the show “DANCING”! And I have to ask, what to spend the won three million rubles?

I promised my mom to win the project and give her a house. It was my initiative and my word. It moved me whole.

— How do you see yourself five years after winning the show “DANCING”?

— Now walk out that door of the hall and don’t even know what was happening there. I am absolutely short-sighted person is a trait of my character. Not even plan for the day ahead. Can be configured, but not build plans. As it will be in five years? It will be cool! I believe that my inner voice, the voice of my soul will be louder in five years — this is important.

Dmitry Twitter

— How would you describe your dance style? What other dance styles are close to you?

— In fact I’m open, and for me, the coolest thing when people can think outside of the genre of her dance. I am convinced that the third season of “DANCING” this framework was expanded, and the concept of “contempt”, “ballnik” or “hopper” in a short time will not be as advertise. If you’re a bboy, it will not mean that you are doing something bad. Now to go a different trend: people will be appreciating the dance, and not to divide it into basic genres. If you think about it, all genres have a lot in common. Even the names of movements sometimes coincide: and in the classics, and in the house, and in hip-hop is palabora, for example. Between genres there’s no gap, and highlight a favorite I wouldn’t. If you select the favorite style, another one can be offended, and then he you won’t stanched. the (Smiles.) So now I can say that I love absolutely all styles, even those that can’t dance.< /p>

You participated in the “Battle of psychics.” Share your impressions of the television. Who of psychics struck you?

— For me it was a new experience. I never even thought of — I believe in ESP or not. Arriving there, it was important for me to feel the energy of these people. What I felt from psychics, I was very pleased. But it will feel the only one who will stand next to or touch them. Unfortunately, through television, viewers can only guess, to hope and to anticipate something. I’m not a bit sorry that he was there. I was told bad things and good but I understood the main thing: the power to see the past and predict the future — related. And now I am reminded that I, too, have the power, the power to change your present and future. For myself, I will provide psychic Swami Dashi for his great energy and for the hope he gives to people.

Dmitry Twitter and Laysan utiasheva in the show dancing with the stars, season 3

Can you give us a couple of rooms for the project “DANCES”, which were the most difficult and important to you?

— Important to get the room at a concert when I was dancing with Ruslan Gromov. Thanks to that kid, I gained a lot. Maybe he is 11 years old, but this guy truly lives a great spirit. He revived in me the powers that I have not remembered. Difficult was the room I danced with Irina Kononova and set by Bob Kozar. All week we had 12-hour rehearsals with a bunch of bruises. The story was that people in a relationship have killed each other, and in rehearsals we began to experience the same. We literally beat each other — the pain from last week will be remembered for a lifetime. the (Smiles.)

— someone from the team of Miguel along with best and why?

— the warmest relationship I had with Valentin Yermolenko. It turned out that we have a lot of friends in common: we knew each other, but never met. Met, knew immediately that we were kindred spirits. Lived in the same room and at the auditions, and the audition, and during concerts. He the whole project was with me, believed in me and helped me to stand. For this he thank you very much.

Constantine Zajc, Valentin Yermolenko, Dmitry and Twitter in the show “DANCING”, season 3

by Miguel how was your relationship?

— we have a cool relationship. Miguel never spoke to me huge poems, never did not say out loud about some of my virtues. I believe that the mentor is wise. The most important thing I heard at the first meeting of the team of Miguel — you need to trust. And I really trust the coach and walked along the path on which he led me. I am sure that Miguel is proud of me, because it led me to victory. He “I won”. the (Laughs.)

— what are the choreographers with whom you collaborated on the project, enjoyed working the most?

— With Bob Trump.

you Have a lot of fans, and all interested in the question, occupied your heart?

— I Have no girlfriend.

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