Saturday, December 17, 2016

The longest series in history turns 27 – TVOY GOROD Pskov

17 Dec project celebrates 27th birthday.

During its long history the adventures of Homer and his family looked not less than a 100 countries in the world. Rich satire show mocking the stereotypes of living of the average American man. The creators of the series make a joke about the Iraq war, Darwinism, the development of information technology, leadership, etc. “the Simpsons” has repeatedly become the object of criticism from reporters, officials, and just disturbed the meditators in the United States and in other countries, where broadcast series Eighteen years ago, in 1998, Time magazine named “the Simpsons” TV series of the 20th century.

Adding that the series will delight their own fans and on. Currently, work is underway on the 30th season of the series. The insight he had when he entered the office of James Brooks with the intention to offer a series of short animated films. All the characters have bulging eyes, 4 fingers on the hands and yellow skin, making them funny and memorable.


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