Friday, December 16, 2016

Pamela Anderson was supported by Voronezh citizens who spoke against the performance of a mobile Dolphin – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Russia came to American actress Pamela Anderson. The star of “Baywatch” – member of the Board of Directors of the International Fund of protection of animals. On the eve together with the representative of the President of Russia on environmental issues Sergei Ivanov they discussed the content of mammals in dolphinariums mobile, in particular it was about the Beluga whales that stood Voronezh.

we will Remind, on November 27 in Voronezh began touring mobile Dolphin. The inhabitant of Voronezh Alena Kryukov learning how to contain mammals, published a petition to stop the view.

- 26 November, I accidentally found two Arctic whales belugas in the container near the shopping center arena. From the container smelled awful, there were heard the noise, the contents of the tank was dirty-green color, – appealed to the authorities Alena.

according to Sergei Ivanov, the Minister of natural resources and environment Russia already deals with this issue, the law on animal cruelty is now reviewing.

this container was transported by Beluga whales. Photo Alena Krukova.


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